Re-open Bellfield, Haig Street and Banksia Secondary College School Sites

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The State Government closed Bellfield, Haig Street and Banksia Secondary College school sites from 2011. These sites have remained unused and subject to vandalism largely since that time. The local community has lost three schools, one high school, and two primary schools. Bellfield and surrounding areas are experiencing growth. Smaller houses on large blocks of land are being replaced with 3 and 4 new residences. Children in the area, no matter what their socio-economic background or status, need and have a right to access good quality public education. Even with the opening of the new Charles La Trobe Secondary College, students have to make the journey from one side of the municipality to the other. What happens if your family doesn’t have a car or the means to travel? Public education resources need to be put back into the community, not taken out. And those resources need to be put back in now! Should the three existing school sites get developed for medium density housing; more families will need access to local schools. We need to ease the squeeze, other local schools are full to overflowing with students – where else do kids go to school? Access to public education for local families is going to become even more difficult which potentially adds to social disadvantage. Getting access to a public education shouldn’t be so hard!

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