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Rational Animal (http://www.rational-animal.org), a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, works to improve the lives of homeless animals, working animals, and wildlife by using media and marketing to communicate to the public facts and issues within the animal welfare realm as well as educate people on the actions they can take to help animals, including supporting rescues and shelters in their communities and making informed decisions so that they do not support animal cruelty and abuse.

Based in New York City, Rational Animal believes that a public that is more compassionate toward animals, is actively against cruelty, and that takes responsibility and care of animals in their homes, is a more enriched, healthy, and productive society.  By engaging the public through a positive approach, we encourage people to make informed decisions about related issues, such as opting to adopt rather than buy a pet, spaying and neutering, and committing to taking care of animals for their entire lifetime.

Our projects are focused on PREVENTION, as we see that the public and our own peers are vital to this. The more people adopt and don't buy, the less popular bred and mill animals will be, therefore fewer will be born and risk winding up homeless again in a shelter or on the streets. The more people spay/neuter their animals, the less likely they will be used for backyard breeding or end up as strays and contributing to the stray and feral animal population. The less people go to the circus, ride carriage horses, attend horse racing and bull riding events, the less popular these cruelty-for-profit industries will be, and we will see them slowly disappear.  The more educated children are on humane treatment of animals, the less likely they will be to engage in dog fighting and other forms of animal abuse, and possibly worse crimes against people.

We partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations, such as the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, as well as media outlets, celebrities, corporations, and artists.  We also help raise money for rescues and shelters so they can carry out their vital work of caring for needy animals, finding them homes, and curbing the homeless animal population.

Coming together under the umbrella of Rational Animal, this team of media, finance, marketing, and entertainment professionals has an impressive track record in accomplishing new levels of reach for animal causes.

We see animal welfare as a cause and a community in which we can all learn from each other to improve our approach to education, awareness, and protection of animals. If you would like to get involved, please email us!

Rational Animal (est. 2002 by Susan Brandt) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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