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The Rainbird Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the end of child abuse. We build partnerships, empower people, fund projects, and expand the commitment to the end.

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Petitioning The Governor of IL

Fully fund the child abuse hotline, so more than 40% of calls are answered!

In February 2010, the Illinois child abuse hotline received a call from a Spanish speaking person who hung up because Illinois didn't have a bilingual specialist on staff, as is required by law. Two days later, the same caller tried again. This time, the caller filed a report. Yet 1-year old Alma Perez still died 16 days after the report was accepted! She was beaten and suffocated by her mother. Why didn't Illinois prevent Alma's death? The Chicago Tribune cited staffing shortages in Alma's death. Illinois only answers 40% of calls to their child abuse hotline. The other 60% go to the message-taking system, if people even leave a message. Illinois' child abuse hotline is one of the busiest in the country. They receive about 260,000 calls per year. Their hotline must be properly staffed and responding! Alma's death was preventable. What To Do: 
 1. Tell the Illinois State Senate and Governor to properly fund the child abuse hotline. Sign this petition. 2. Share this on Facebook. Use the tool on this page to get 15 friends to sign it today and pass it on their friends. 3. If you are an Illinois resident, Call your Senator and demand proper funding for the Child Abuse Hotline. 

 Sen. Richard Durbin 202-224-2152 
Sen. Mark Kirk 202-224-2854 Children are being abused right now, and peole are trying to save them!  Many states have inadequate child abuse hotlines. Do you know the condition of the hotlines in your state? Find out and tell us and we'll focus on your state. Budget cuts are never a sufficient reason for a child's death. Let's save other children from Alma's fate!

The Rainbird Foundation
74 supporters