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    Don’t Let Anti-Israel Activists Win – Stop the Jerusalem Declaration

    A new player has arrived to spread antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred. It is called the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) - a newly proposed definition of antisemitism. The goal of this petition is simple; to dismantle the internationally accepted definition of antisemitism put forth by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism (IHRA) and protect avid antisemites from being accused of discriminating against Jews. JDA claims that anti-Zionism is not necessarily antisemitism, which is incredibly problematic. We are calling on all institutions and governments to DENY the JDA petition to form a new definition of antisemitism.  JDA has been put forth by a group of anti-Israel intellectuals in an attempt to undermine the IHRA definition of antisemitism which has been widely accepted. The JDA petition tries to disguise itself as a call to end antisemitism. In reality, all it does is blur the lines of what modern antisemitism looks like to allow those devoted to the destruction of Israel and hatred of Jews. The JDA would allow antisemites to continue to operate with little to no consequences. This petition is a step backward from the progress that we have made in the fight against antisemitism. And we MUST stop it!  Tell institutions and governments: REJECT JDA!  JDA tires to create ambiguity over what constitutes antisemitism, making it easier for antisemites to discriminate against Jews. The IHRA definition is so widely accepted because various governments and institutions know that it represents the live experience of Jews. JDA is just another phony attempt to spread bigotry against Jews and the Jewish state.  A main sponsor of JDA is a prolific anti-Semite himself. Richard Falk has been officially denounced by the United Kingdom on THREE separate occasions for antisemitism. He has praised the protocols of the Elders of Zion and antisemitic cartoons and even described Jews as Nazis. He does not care about the Jewish people or their struggle with discrimination. By promoting this definition, he is aiming to advance his anti-Israel and antisemitic agenda.  Help put a stop to antisemitism: SIGN THE PETITION NOW! Don’t let this petition move forward anymore. It will only be used to gaslight Jews and undermine the IHRA definition while protecting antisemites and those who wish to delegitimize Israel. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY

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    Petitioning Lawrence Bacow, Alan Garber, Katherine O'Dair, Robin M. Johnson, Ph​.​D., Harvard Foundation, Harvard Undergraduate Council

    Tell Harvard to CONDEMN Jew-hating group linked to KKK’s David Duke

    Harvard’s Palestine Solidarity Committee has made common cause with former Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke on more than one occasion. The university’s continued silence is unacceptable. In a recent episode, PSC chose to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day by sharing the same cartoon as David Duke, a classic antisemitic meme from a Holocaust denial cartoon contest. This month on Instagram they also began referring to Zionists as “Jewish-supremacists,” a term first coined by the KKK. SIGN THE PETITION! Stand up to the demonization of Jews and CONDEMN PSC’s anti-Jewish racism. PSC has since taken down both the Holocaust Remembrance Day and “Jewish-supremacist” posts after receiving criticism from peers, but no effort was made to apologize nor explain this decision.  If anything, the removal of these posts PROVE they were not accidental. PSC knows its members are sharing racist content (literally from the KKK!) on official channels, yet refuse to even try to come up with an excuse. Worse still, Harvard’s administration has done nothing to hold them accountable. PSC’s list of offenses is long and disturbing, but one thing is clear –– antisemitism has no place at Harvard University. We must act now to ensure Jewish students no longer face such outright hostility and cruel remarks. The Palestine Solidarity Committee must answer for its hateful actions and the entire Harvard community needs to be educated on the dangers of their unchecked, institutionally-sponsored antisemitism. Sign the petition to tell the Harvard Administration that hate has no place on this campus.

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    SIGN NOW: Thank You Chancellor Jones for Standing Up to Anti-Semitism!

    “I want to state publicly and unequivocally that acts and expressions of anti-Semitism are acts and expressions of hatred and discrimination that are in direct opposition to our core values. Bias and prejudice are antithetical to the educational foundations of our university and hurtful to our entire community.”– Chancellor Robert J. Jones Swastikas found on campus. An anti-Semitic presentation given to Housing staff. Now, an anti-Semitic resolution is being introduced to Student Government on a Jewish holiday, clearly excluding the Jewish community from the discussion. We cannot allow the continuing spread of anti-Semitism on campus. We are proud to have an ally in Chancellor Robert Jones, who boldly stood up for the Jewish community and denounced anti-Semitism and discrimination in all forms in a university-wide email to students and staff. We thank Chancellor Jones for his unwavering support of Jewish and minority students on campus. Hate and discrimination has NO PLACE on UIUC’s campus. Allowing anti-Semitism to continue to spread will only further incite hate, fear, and anger among the UIUC community. We must denounce discrimination on every level and promote a community which celebrates—not victimizes—cultural and religious differences. Join us in thanking Chancellor Jones for standing up to hatred at UIUC!

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    Stand With Tucker Carlson

    In a recent segment on FOX News, Tucker Carlson called out Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her anti-American hypocrisy. She responded by tweeting that he was a "racist fool" and attempted to silence him by calling for advertisers to boycott his show. Tucker Carlson’s criticisms of Rep. Omar were a genuine commentary on the way she speaks about the country in which she is an elected official. As a refugee herself, she has experienced first-hand what can happen when immigrants come into this country legally and work hard. As a 37-year-old immigrant woman, Ilhan Omar was elected to serve in the United States Congress - a remarkable success story. Instead of appreciating the freedom and opportunity that enabled her to rise to power, she has labeled the United States a cruel and racist nation.  Her hypocrisy becomes exceedingly clear as soon as you look into some of her past comments. Although Ilhan Omar has only recently emerged onto the public stage she has already demonstrated that she is the one with a disturbing bias - in this case, against Jewish Americans. She has repeated harmful anti-Semitic tropes, including questioning Jewish Americans’ allegiance to the United States and saying that the U.S. - Israeli relationship is "all about the Benjamins". These are not criticisms of the Israeli government. She is singling out American citizens of a particular religious identity for exercising their First Amendment rights. If a Member of Congress were to make similar comments targeting any other ethnic or religious group there would be public outrage but, because her comments were targeting Jews, the Left doesn’t seem to mind. What the Left does mind, however,  is any criticism whatsoever of a minority woman. With her position as a prominent Member of Congress and the protection of her caucus behind her, Omar has essentially called for Carlson’s head on a platter. Don’t let the radical mob succeeded at silencing Tucker. Sign this petition to say that you stand with Tucker Carlson and his First Amendment right to free speech!

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    Tell UCLA to Stop Protecting Anti-Semitic Groups

    This week, UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) voted to condemn groups that oppose anti-Semitism. You read that correctly. Rather than condemn the anti-Semites, the Council attacked those who defend Jewish students. USAC passed a resolution defining anti-Semitism and defending Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) by an 8-1 vote. The only Jewish member of the council voted against the measure. USAC chose to make up their own definition without consulting any Jewish students or community leaders. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, made the comparison that there would be public outrage if the same situation had occurred but with eight white students at UCLA voting to defining ‘racism’ without input from Black or Latino students. This situation is deserving of outrage as well. SJP has a demonstrated history of anti-Semitic comments and actions. Just last year, SJP disrupted an event organized by Students Supporting Israel entitled “Indigenous Peoples Unite.” As three panelists from the Armenian, Jewish, and Kurdish communities tried to speak, SJP activists stormed the room and ripped down Armenian and Israeli flags, chanting loudly and screaming at the speakers. When the National SJP organization decided to host its annual conference at UCLA last year, several community leaders spoke out. The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ask UCLA to cancel the event. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) condemned the conference in a letter to the school’s chancellor, Gene Block, arguing that it promotes anti-Semitism. “[SJP members] have posted violent anti-Semitic rhetoric on social media, ranging from calling for the annihilation of the Jewish people, to admiration of Adolf Hitler,” he wrote. Sign this petition to tell the UCLA Student Council to stop protecting anti-Semitic groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and to protect their Jewish students.

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    Petitioning Valerie Smith, Antoinette Sayeh, Barbara W. Mather, Bennett Lorber, Bryan Wolf, Cathy Polinsky, Chris Niemczewski, Corey Mulloy, Davia Temin, David Bradley, David McElhinny, Eleanor Joseph, Elizabe...

    Stop Anti-Semitism at Swarthmore

    In 1991, the Swarthmore Board of Managers made a savvy, prescient decision to insulate the college’s endowment fund from political, religious, and ideological bias. They endeavored to “yield the best long-term financial results, rather than to pursue other social objectives”. This decision has served the community well for nearly 30 years. These guidelines have ensured that all donations received are invested responsibly, not used to make political statements or become a flashpoint in the ongoing culture wars. Now, a few fringe activists are seeking to repeal the divestment ban. This comes after these activists recently called on the student government to support the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. These BDS supporters deny Israel’s right to exist and oppose a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. They want Swarthmore to take a stand on an extremely polarizing foreign policy issue that has little relevance to a small liberal arts college outside Philadelphia. Even worse, they want the Board of Managers to change its endowment investment strategy to prioritize their esoteric cause over the students who rely on these funds for tuition assistance and other forms of student aid.  Add your name NOW to urge the Board of Managers to reject calls to overturn the 1991 ban on divestment and keep the Swarthmore endowment focused on delivering the best financial returns.

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    Petitioning Jonathan Veitch, Amos Himmelstein, Board of Trustees

    Tell Occidental College to Condemn Anti-Semitism

    Anti-Semitism is a global menace that takes many forms and knows no borders. Communities and college campuses across the country have reported sharp upticks in anti-Jewish hate crimes and violence. Just this past weekend, The New York Times published a rabidly anti-Semitic cartoon and a gunman opened fire at a synagogue right here in Southern California. Occidental College could become the next battlefield if extremists get their way. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign, an insidious global movement that openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, has Oxy in its crosshairs. Professional BDS organizers have infiltrated many college campuses in recent years to promote anti-Israel divestment initiatives and other forms of discrimination against Jewish-owned businesses. These campaigns often lead to overt displays of racism or even violence against students. Campuses have seen swastikas painted on Jewish fraternity houses, mock eviction notices posted on students’ dormitories, and physical altercations during school-sponsored events. BDS is a racist, bigoted movement that is counterproductive to peace and an equitable resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Its opposition to a two-state solution (or any solution that doesn’t involve the exile, subjugation, or death of Jewish Israelis) deserves universal condemnation. The presence of convicted terrorists among its senior leadership puts an even finer point on it. Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch and Vice President Amos Himmelstein should stand up to the bullying and heavy-handed tactics of BDS and its campus outreach arm, Students for Justice in Palestine. Sign this petition to urge Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch, Vice President Amos Himmelstein, and the board of trustees to denounce anti-Semitism and to commit to keeping students safe from the racially-charged conflicts that accompany campus divestment campaigns. Hate should have no place at Oxy or anywhere else.

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