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We are concerned people who care about the welfare of animals and how they are treated and viewed especially those who t...hrough no fault of their own end up in shelters. We want change and believe animals should be the priority in shelters and not money. We came together as a result of 102 animals killed needlessly by OSPCA in May 2010 at the Newmarket, Ontario shelter and have expanded to include other animal welfare issues which plague our Province and Country. It is our hope to raise public awareness to the plight of animals and focus on initiatives which support rescue groups and government efforts to bring about change..

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    The government has continually displayed its lack of compassion and care for animals in the province of Ontario.  Once again the Provincial Liberal government is considering implementing restrictions to curb the enjoyment of pets in Ontario by giving landlords the right to discriminate against pets living in rental units. This would apply to all pets not only dogs and cats but other animals such as birds, gerbils, hamsters, etc. The subject of pets in rental units is addressed in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c. 17 which protects the landlord and allows appropriate action in order to evict a tenant or terminate a lease if a pet becomes a problem. 76. (1) If an application based on a notice of termination under section 64, 65 or 66 is grounded on the presence, control or behaviour of an animal in or about the residential complex, the Board shall not make an order terminating the tenancy and evicting the tenant without being satisfied that the tenant is keeping an animal and that, (a) subject to subsection (2), the past behaviour of an animal of that species has substantially interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the residential complex for all usual purposes by the landlord or other tenants; (b) subject to subsection (3), the presence of an animal of that species has caused the landlord or another tenant to suffer a serious allergic reaction; A blanket ban on pets in any rental buildings in Ontario flies in the face of the regulations in place now and infringes on the Ontario Human Right Code. The Human Right Code is a provincial law that gives equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in areas such as jobs, housing and services. The Code’s goal is in place to prevent discrimination and potential changes in this law will discriminate against pet owners living in rental units. We demand the rights of pet owners be respected and new restrictions and/or changes, undermining  those rights not be implemented by the Provincial Liberal Party.  

    RAAW - Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare
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    Dog returned to abuser. An Espanola man, 28, was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, a young Anatolian shepherd, similar to the dog shown here in this photo illustration. APF photo We don't care what part politics plays in this story. We don't want to hear it.  http://www.thesudburystar.com/2016/01/12/espanola-dog-back-with-its-alleged-abuser OSPCA has been mandated to prevent cruelty to animals and receives millions of dollars every year from the Provincial government and from Ontario taxpayers to rescue and protect animals. Why did they not protect this dog who was returned to its abuser because OSPCA refused to step in claiming police had no authority to take dog. Yet a recorded message on the OSPCA emergency number instructs callers, after hours and weekends, to call local police if an animal is in imminent danger. No more excuses, no more spin - DO YOUR JOB There is no acceptable excuse for their refusal to take this dog from the police, who rescued it from its owner. They kept it as long as they could but did not have the resources to keep it indefinitely. That is the job of OSPCA. This owner was reported to OSPCA for the same offense in November. Why didn't OSPCA seize the dog from him at that time? Instead they have allowed this cruelty to continue. No more excuses, no more spin - DO YOUR JOB The head inspector for the Sudbury & District SPCA Tracy Lapping spent almost 3 weeks sitting in a hearing taking place in North Bay serving absolutely no purpose after the day she gave her testimony. Not only did she waste time but she is also wasting money from taxpayers who are paying for her hotel, gas, etc. allowing her to ignore her responsibility while this animal continued to be subjected to abuse. Perhaps if OSPCA could be contacted, this would not have happened. No more excuses, no more spin - DO YOUR JOB This is only one example of OSPCA not acting to protect an animal that was in danger. The Ontario taxpayers are sick of hearing lame excuses from OSPCA for their inaction. This is also demonstrated recently with their refusal to step in to protect at tiger at the the Bowmanville Zoo despite video evidence to support serious claims of abuse. There have been cows left in disgusting conditions,  dogs left in freezing temperatures and horses left to die of starvation. What does it take for the OSPCA to protect the animals who need protection? No more excuses, no more spin - OSPCA DO YOUR JOB

    RAAW - Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare
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    Stop the Running of Bulls on Bay Street to promote the Royal Winter Fair

    The running of bulls on Tuesday, October 30 through Bay Street in downtown Toronto to publicize the upcoming Royal Winter Fair is a blatant disregard for animal safety and care and this must not be allowed to go ahead. Those responsible for this plan are putting animals, pedestrians and property at risk. Ultimately if something happens the bulls will pay the price with their life. Please add your voice to stop it.

    RAAW - Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare
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