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We are concerned people who care about the welfare of animals and how they are treated and viewed especially those who t...hrough no fault of their own end up in shelters. We want change and believe animals should be the priority in shelters and not money. We came together as a result of 102 animals killed needlessly by OSPCA in May 2010 at the Newmarket, Ontario shelter and have expanded to include other animal welfare issues which plague our Province and Country. It is our hope to raise public awareness to the plight of animals and focus on initiatives which support rescue groups and government efforts to bring about change..

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    STOP THE ABUSE OF POWER BY ANIMAL CONTROL OPEN LETTER TO THE MUNICIPALITIES OF CHATSWORTH, WEST GREY AND ARRAN-ELDERSLIE Family pets are being held hostage at the direction of Animal Control Officer Cheryl Roberts under the guise of following the law according to Provincial BSL which prohibits “pit bulls” in the province of Ontario. Recently two dogs (Nove and Dexter) escaped from their yard and were picked up and turned over by a local resident. They have no history of aggression or bites. Consequently documentation provided by the owners, proving the dogs in question were not pit bulls and did not fall into a category identifing them as pit bulls, were rejected by Ms Roberts. That documentation included proof of pedigree, certified veterinarian certificates, and American Bully Kennel Club registration papers. All accepted as evidence by the provincial courts under DOLA.(Dog Owners Liability Act) This is not an isolated situation. Recently Ms. Roberts attempted to seize Blue an American Bulldog, who serves as an emotional support dog to his owner and had proof of breed. The owners refused to hand him over and were later served with a citation to appear in court. As with Nove and Dexter, the courts are obligated to accept proof of breed. The same proof offered to Ms. Robert. Once again this will incur unnecessary legal costs paid for with municipal tax dollars and the potential for additional costs if the owner chooses to take legal action. The courts will decide their fate based on the same evidence presented to Ms Roberts ending in another unnecessary expensive court case paid by tax payers and possible future costs if owners decide to sue the municipalities. The present situation has received much attention across the province making the municipalities look like the backwoods of Ontario, potentially affecting future tourism. Animal Control must be accountable and transparent. We ask that the Integrity Commissioners investigate this frivilous use of tax dollars and the overall conduct of this Animal Control service. We ask that you do not allow Cheryl Roberts to continue her rein of intimidation, harassment and extortion of pet owners. For many years there have been stories circulating of Ms. Roberts terrorizing the communities with her callous disregard and lack of compassion pertaining to the safety and care of an animal. It has been suggested that on more than one occasion her actions led to the unjustified killing of a family dog. An investigation into her past conduct is justified. We ask that she be removed from her position as Animal Control Officer for the combined municipalities and replaced by one of a number of experienced animal control organizations available to your area. i.e. Owen Sound Animal Shelter/OSAS, Owen Sound, North and South Bruce Peninsula. There is no justifiable reason to hold dogs, who have no history of bites or aggression and who do not pose a threat to the public, in a cage away from their family. We ask that you prepare for Nove and Dexter to be released to their owners immediately so they can remain in their home until the case is heard in court. Ms. Roberts has been allowed to hold these animals at her discretion since March, incurring thousands of dollars in fees for boarding, unnecessary tests and legal fees for their owner. That is a blatant abuse of power. Since the boarding fees and DNA testing were the result of a judgement call on the part of Ms. Roberts and not by choice of the owner, in order to display this is not a cash grab on the part of the municipalities, those fees must be waived. Your response to this letter will determine my vote in the next election. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  

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    Vaughan Animal Services has a habit of targeting dogs which have any resemblance to a pit bull breed animal. Despite written proof and veterinary support, dogs have remained seized and caged for months while their humans fight to get the family pet back home. While the wording of DOLA is vague in the very least, these are not dogs who have any record of agression or biting nor do they remotely conform to the description of pit bull breed as described by law. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and are being discriminated against through breed specific legislation contained in DOLA.  Recently a 12 year old cross breed dog Ringo was seized and as happened in June to another family who had their pet Gamboa taken, there is no justification for keeping them. Papers of proof were submitted in both cases but Vaughan Animal Services refused to accept them. Both dogs remain in cages no doubt scared and bewildered. Some families have had to resort to obtaining and paying for legal advice. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-woman-fighting-to-get-dog-back-after-animal-services-says-he-may-be-part-pit-bull-1.5164966 ***Since originally posting this petition it has come to light that Vaughan Animal Services are holding at least 1 other dog in addition to Ringo and Gamboa, under the same circumstance. This one is a little French Boston Bulldog named Kilo. There may be more.  Investigations into this are essential. The dogs suffer and the families suffer. There is no reason for it except for an over zealous organization that seems to have taken it upon themselves to rid the province of any animal which could remotely look like a pit bull. Shelters are allowed to charge exorbitant boarding fees when they seize a pet. Vaughan Animal Services needs to stop unjustifiably seizing dogs and ripping them from their families in order to fit their own agenda and fill municipal coffers. This is not fair, this is not just and this is not humane.  Return Ringo Kilo and Gamboa to their families  

    RAAW - Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare
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    On January 22, 2020 the neighbour of a property on County Rd 121 in the Township of Minden discovered approximately 14 short haired, beagle type dogs chained to small huts, outdoors. There was no food or water in sight and they were on short chains. Many of the dogs looked emaciated, some had sores and they were living in their own waste. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/inspectors-investigate-after-video-shows-skeletal-dogs-in-cold The neighbour immediately called OPP and the PAWS animal hotline to report. The OPP responded immediately and went to the location. While an investigator from PAWS (Josh Vettor of the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes) responded by telephone, but did not attend to the dogs until January 26. This is unacceptable considering the freezing temperatures, which historically is around -16C for the region at this time of year. The owner, who does not live on the property, was not charged and the dogs remain at the location. The investigator did not fulfill his obligation to protect these poor dogs. We cannot allow the animals of Ontario to continue receiving the poor protection they have received in the past. This is a poor example of the new system and it must be addressed immediately. The new PAWS Act is not effective if it is not enforced and steam lined to protect animals. We ask that the provincial government and local municipality open an investigation into why these dogs were allowed to remain on the property and why the owner was not charged with cruelty.

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    On January 2, 2019, In the Superior Court of Justice (Jeffrey Bogaerts vs The Attorney General of Ontario) Justice Timothy Minnema found the policing powers, granted by the Provincial Government to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), breached the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. The decision by Justice Minnema is the first substantive action to benefit animals in Ontario and their humans since 1955. In 2009 the Liberal government supported a lack of oversight of the OSPCA, a registered charity, by increasing the OSPCA's powers including warrantless entry powers without accountability or transparency.  At the time the late Peter Worthington, Editor at Toronto Sun, wrote about this conflict of interest and predicted that a charity with police authority, would lead to an abuse of power. Over 200,000 signatures on petitions were submitted to Dalton McGuinty to protest.  Experts and stakeholders, addressed government committees to outline potential problems.  In November 2010 former  PC MPP Frank Klees tabled a Resolution to bring accountability to OSPCA and separate their charity and policing functions. All efforts to bring about legislative changes faced the same Liberal roadblocks OSPCA's abuse of power is notorious and the stories endless, from harassing and extorting farmers and pet owners, to unjustifiably seizing animals. Premier Ford has publicly stated he is an animal lover and promised to correct an animal welfare system which is antiquated and broken. We hope the Ford government will use this opportunity, as a clear indication of their willingness to help protect the animals of Ontario, by allowing the court decision by Justice Minnema to stand. We respectfully request that the Ford government and the Office of the Attorney General does not move forward with an appeal in this case. This request is endorsed and supported by the following groups: Adopt A Pet AdoptaPet Pet Rescue Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization of Canada Anti-DogFighting Campaign Worldwide Organization Cat Chance Sarnia Cause for Paws Toronto Ground Search and Rescue KW Hollys Hope Hershey  Anti BSL Group Miss Dixie's Food and Supply Bank for Rescues Ontario Coalition Against Breed-Specific Legislation Ontario Pit Bull Co-Op PAWS4Durham PAWS-4-ONTARIO RAAW Save Ontario Dogs United Paws VOCA https://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/ontario-judge-strikes-down-enforcement-powers-of-ospca-as-unconstitutional  

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    STOP OSPCA FUNDING Until They Do Their Job

    The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives $5.75 million annually, from the Provincial Government, for carrying out their mandate to protect the animals of Ontario. In addition to the $5.75 million annually OSPCA also receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from municipality contracts across the province, fees from their affiliates, monumental donations from pet food/care companies, donations from a kind hearted animal loving public and ongoing fund raisers. They pay outrageous salaries to upper management, have glamorous annual meetings which last for days and continue to claim they do not have enough funding to do their job properly. We ask the newly elected Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to discontinue funding as long as OSPCA refuse to fulfill their mandate and that an investigation into their actions be initiated. For years OSPCA has had an indisputable pattern of  ignoring calls of animal abuse, neglect or abandonment. Time after time the public has come to the rescue of animals in distress to do the job OSPCA should be doing. As a result and out of necessity hundreds of grass roots rescues have developed in Ontario that get no funding whatsoever.  OSPCA was given their authority and powers by the Provincial Liberal government. They have no accountability and no transparency. They are not mandated under the Ontario Ombudsman nor legislated under the Freedom Of Information Act. They are not required to report to anyone. They don't list employees or contact information for management or the Board of Directors on their website. So far 2018 has been a particularly horrendous period for animals. Enough is enough. Do your job or give us our money back.  Animals are suffering due to lack of action by those designated to protect and care for them. If you call the 310-SPCA(7722) Emergency Line after business hours you will hear a message saying "our call centre is now closed" stating hours Monday to Friday 8:00 to 6:00 Weekends 8:00 - 4:00.  We can only hope animals are not abused, neglected or starved outside those hours. These horses have been ignored by OSPCA despite pleading from neighbours and protests from the community. OSPCA refuse to go to the site claiming what they always claim "they are investigation for 6 months" I suggest if this is the result of their investigations, they clearly don't know what they are doing: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/sick-horses-pit-rural-ontario-community-against-the-ospca-1.4202734 BEACHBURG - Complainant called Emergency Line. It took 3 days to get a response. OSPCA left the dogs on the property but charged the owner with failing to comply with an Order, causing distress, failing to provide standards of care and allowing distress. If there was enough evidence to lay charges, why didn't they rescue the dogs and remove them from the property? If he didn't comply with an Order that means they have been there before but didn't bother to go back and make sure the dogs were O.K https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ospca-lays-animal-welfare-charges-after-video-showing-dogs-crowded-into-beachburg-shed The stories are endless. Here are just a few examples. STOUFFVILLE: OSPCA goes to farm with dying and starving horses. Leaves a note for the owner. Either they didn't go into the barn to check on the horses after receiving many complaints or they didn't recognize dying horses when they saw them. When the vet finally saw the carcasses of horses 3 weeks later he said some had fresh blood. That means they died recently. Maybe if OSPCA had done their job some of these horses would have been saved and wouldn't have suffered as long as they did. Inexcusable. https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/8623434-grisly-find-on-stouffville-farm-13-horse-carcasses-unearthed-15-more-found-sickly-thin/ ESPANOLA - OSPCA didn't respond to calls from neighbours about a dog being beaten by its owner so they called police. Police took the dog and held it at their station waiting for OSPCA to pick it up. OSPCA said they couldn't because the police interfered with their investigation. The police were forced to return the dog to his abuser. https://www.thesudburystar.com/2016/01/12/espanola-dog-back-with-its-alleged-abuser/wcm/7f471eaf-d8b2-7bb1-8d79-87a4fe7e3b04 Yet they tell people to call their local police if an animal in immediate, life threatening distress. They even say so on their telephone message. https://northernontario.ctvnews.ca/dog-in-distress-1.4062509 SUDBURY - Kittens and an emaciated adult cat and rabbit abandoned in an apartment. OSPCA came, saw the animals and left. When rescuers saved the animals, OSPCA threatened to charge them with breaking and entering: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/sudbury-abandonment-animals-ospca-1.3565041 BATH - OSPCA refuse to help residents being overrun by feral cats because the cats aren't spayed or neutered: https://globalnews.ca/news/4381664/bath-ontario-feral-cat-problem-residents/ BEAMSVILLE - OSPCA refuse to work with rescuers when hundreds of abandoned cats were left by hoarder.  Local residents rescued all those still alive, saw to their medical attention and rehomed them. OSPCA said they interfered with their investigation. https://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/7481789-ospca-investigating-barrels-full-of-dead-cats-in-beamsville  

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    In May 2015 a bear was shot while wandering through a residential area in Newmarket. The bear had been in the area for a number of days and shot by York Region Police                https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=626149 In June 2017 a bear was shot while wandering through an industrial area of Scarborough for hours before Toronto ETF officers were forced to shoot it. In both cases the Ministry of Natural Resources had been called but did not respond in time to save the bear. When it appeared the bear could be a danger to humans a decision was made by police to kill them. The police are not equipped to deal with a situation like this. They do not have the training, nor the equipment and are forced to make a judgement call based on their mandate to protect the public. They can not be faulted for doing their job. However the safety and protection of our wildlife is the job of the Ministry of Natural Resources and we expect you to fulfill your obligation THE MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES IS EQUIPPED with tranquilizer guns to imobilize a wild animal such as a bear but in both cases did not show up when called. The killing of these two bears was preventable. We do not want a repeat of these incidents to take place in Caledon. July, 2018  "three reports of a black bear being spotted near the McGuire Trail during a one-hour period on Thursday afternoon. They say the bear, described as a cub weighing approximately 225 kilograms, was seen approaching decks in residents’ backyards." "it ran when it saw people" https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/three-black-bear-sightings-in-caledon We need the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to be prepared to take immediate action in order to remove the animal(s) in a timely, humane manner which will save their life and protect the public. They need to work with the police and do not leave the choice of life or death to those who are not trained to deal with the situation. NO MORE DEAD BEARS DUE TO INACTION BY MNR  

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