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Demand that your Emergency Department is prepared for your child!

Demand that your Emergency Department is prepared for your child! Every single day, in every community in this country, a parent faces a crisis that requires a trip to the Emergency Department (ED) with their child.  One in five children will make one or more visits to an ED each year according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Babies and young children are not mini-adults.  They need specialized pediatric trained doctors, equipment and supplies for an appropriate and optimal level of healthcare. This preparedness can mean the difference between life and death. 90% of Americans are not aware that most EDs are not prepared for babies and children. Though an ED may claim to be a Pediatric Emergency Room (PED), there is no uniform definition of a PED.  Currently, each PED has varying degrees of trained specialists, equipment and supplies—and there is very little information provided to parents on how to identify critical differences.  Without change we are not safe in an emergency. Help us make sure your hospital is ready for your child.  I support: ·      IMPROVED PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY CARE ACROSS THE U.S. ·      INCREASED TRAINING FOR GENERAL ER DOCTORS IN PEDIATRICS ·      MANDATORY PEDIATRIC SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT IN ALL EDS ·      A NEW, CLEAR DEFINITION OF A PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY ROOM FOR THE BEST SPECIALIZED CARE Please share our new Advertising Campaign!   http://rbabyfoundation.org/PDFs/ADFINALRBABYEMERGENCY.pdf Learn more about our cause, what you need to know and how you can help at: http://www.rbabyfoundation.org/    

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