Quit Coal

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All across America, people are living in the shadow of the coal industry. And everyone is paying the price.

One American dies every hour as a result of pollution from coal-fired power plants and coal is costing Americans up to an extra half a trillion dollars per year in hidden costs for things like health care and environmental impacts.

The coal industry isn't just polluting our water and air. They're also poisoning our political process. The millions of dollars they funnel to politicians in Washington every year has paralyzed Congress and prevented them from doing what is necessary for the health of our communities and our planet.

So now citizens are coming together and taking the lead. Communities everywhere are standing up to the coal industry and standing up for their right to clean air, clean water and a future free of pollution health risks, destructive and dangerous mining practices and the threat of global warming.

Quit Coal was started by Greenpeace to support their efforts to shut down the dirty coal-fired power plants that are destroying their communities, and to strengthen the movement to quit coal once and for all.

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