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Quality Parks offers park news & advocacy, master naturalist training, and a CSA for native plants. We value transparency and honesty in public lands stewardship, as a registered 501(c)(3) charity, since 2000, based in Port Jefferson, NY. Learn how to take on a mindful conservation practice, to add depth to your outdoor experience.

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Petitioning Kara Hahn, Al Krupski, Philip Berdolt

Pine Barrens Trail Center: Key Access For Improved Public Access

For two years, Quality Parks requested access to the Pine Barrens Trail Center by filing permits two weeks prior to our events. For 2018, there's three of us requesting key access instead. It's a more efficient stop gap measure until such time as there are more resources to keep the building regularly open by SC Park Staff or by contract. Why this key request? Let me give you an example. Quality Parks is working on an invasive species removal project in a nearby Suffolk County Park. While we're out in the field, the building gets closed. Before and after the event, we pick up tools, use the bathroom, plan next events, and have lunch. Why spend money on SC staff to babysit the building while we are out in the field? We can also work with the community to show them the trail center as opportunities arise. The formal permit application fails us, as each of us face similar issues.  Event planning has risks (no shows), takes time, and priorities shift depending on volunteer availability and weather conditions, not easy to predict two weeks in advance. Please provide three dedicated folks, well known in the community, to have key access to the Pine Barrens Trail Center, as a stop gap measure, for improved public access for the 2018 season. The PB Trail Center is open. Now we need key access to do a better job, as folks dedicated to public lands stewardship. Thanking you in advance for your support. Read More: Pine Barrens Trail Center Advocacy Timeline

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Petitioning Steve Bellone, Kara Hahn, Bridget Flemming

Please - Immediately Repair Cranberry Bog Preserve Bridge, Riverhead, NY

The Cranberry Bog Preserve is well loved and used by local residents and visitors from across Long Island. It's known for its beauty, ecology, and cultural value. The loop trail and it's interpretive guide, engages the public in environmental education, appreciation, and a continued conservation ethic to appreciate and value Suffolk County's treasure of open space. And it offers a reason for people to get outside and exercise and to reduce stress by being in Nature. But around two years ago, the bridge crossing was found broken and in need of immediate repair. Suffolk County Parks' response was to close off the bridge and do nothing else. We watched the bridge deteriorate. Quality Parks attempted to work with a Boy Scout on an Eagle project to rebuild the bridge, but had no success. Last week, we were contacted by an irate citizen demanding action, as our name, Quality Parks, would indicate -- that we cared. The irate citizen said that they contacted Suffolk County Parks and nothing happened, so they contacted us. We learned that many local citizens care about the Cranberry Bog Preserve and want the bridge repaired.  They are in support of Suffolk County finding and allocate funding to immediately repair the bridge. And so do we. Learn more: http://www.qualityparks.org/cranberry-bog-preserve.html Please sign our petition to show your support.

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Petitioning Kara Hahn

Reopen the Pine Barrens Trail Center

I love Ray. Do you?  Ray's message to all of us: "...we can, and must, set the stage for our successors."  My message to you is: Reopen the Pine Barrens Trail Center. The Raymond P. Corwin Pine Barrens Trail Center, or informally, Ray’s 2nd House, is now listed on Google as permanently closed. Why? Upon contacting Suffolk Parks for access to the building on a regular basis, we were told to contact the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference (the members we spoke to were just as confused, thinking it closed as well). Though the water is running, the toilets are working, and the electricity is on, the public isn’t allowed inside. Several Quality Parks members are willing to put in a few volunteer hours to make sure the building remains open on the weekend. Quality Parks has liability insurance on record with Suffolk County, and can provide light maintenance such as cleaning, dusting, and emptying trash. Other groups could pitch in and would benefit too. Quality Parks is active in conservation and advocacy for public access to open spaces and water, for individuals and groups. We are willing to work with you to revise the RFP, so that more of us can keep the Ray's 2nd House open. Read the article: https://www.longislandexchange.com/press-releases/hennessey-participates-in-rededication-of-suffolk-county-pine-barrens-trail-center/ Visit timeline: http://www.qualityparks.org/pine-barrens-trail-center.html Join Us: http://www.qualityparks.org/join-us.html

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