Purple Star Veterans and Families

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Strengthening the Homecoming Safety Net for Veterans and their Families. Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) is a community service organization originally co-founded in 2003 by John Henry Parker and his son, Danny Facto, a Purple Heart Recipient and Combat Veteran of two tours in Afghanistan. The organization was originally founded as The Veterans and Families Foundation, www.veteransandfamilies.org. Unfortunately, Danny did not survive homecoming due to a danger seeking/excessive speed related motorcycle accident on July 15, 2009. Shortly after his death, Purple Star Veterans and Families was started as a project of The Veterans and Families Foundation in Danny's honor. By improving how our military prepares soon to be Veterans for homecoming, we can help them address their hidden emotional wounds before they separate from military service. We must help Veterans before they become Veterans so they have a better opportunity for a successful homecoming back to family, education and employment. We feel strongly that by addressing hidden wounds while service members are still under the care of the military, through prevention and early intervention, we can save many lives. If you would like to make a difference, please sign the petition, if you would like to insure the success of this critical mission, please donate what you can. Thank you

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