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#SirUthakeThuko - Spit Up, everyone spits down!

#SirUthakeThuko With the reopening of paan and ghutka shops in ‘green zones’ and the return of the menace of spitting in public places, we are asking the people to spit up into the sky rather than spitting down. Everyone spits down, why don’t you spit up and see! The campaign #SirUthakeThuko targets the people who are habitual paan and tobacco chewers and spit in public places without any hesitation. It is not only a dirty habit but dangerous particularly in view of the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic. We are being repeatedly told by doctors that novel corona virus spreads through droplets emanating out of coughing and sneezing and spitting is obviously much more harmful. It is horrible that people lift their face masks and continue to spit on the roads causing a big menace. We also appeal to various civic bodies to impose hefty, deterrent fines such as Rs 5,000 per offence and make them clean the spit.   The spitting menace also defeats the Swachh Bharat spirit and dirties out streets. Though ghutka is banned in Maharashtra, the addicts have found their own concoction by mixing tobacco with paan masala which is freely available. The sachets were being sold in black as the shops are officially shut. Corona or no corona, spitting is a huge public menace. We encounter spit areas before we board an auto-rickshaw or even a taxi. And in other public places such as railway stations and bus stops, the situation is worse. So, next time you feel like spitting, spit up - #SirUthakeThuko! B N Kumar - Director, NatConnect Foundation. Nandakumar Pawar - Head, Shri Ekvira Aai Pratishtan

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Petitioning Prime Minister of India, Information & Broadcasting Minister, Law minister of INDIA


The Press Council of India needs teeth The Press Council of India (PCI) is a statutory, quasi-judicial body which acts as a watchdog of the press. It adjudicates the complaints against and by the press for violation of ethics and for violation of the freedom of the press respectively. Period. PCI does not have powers to prosecute or penalize either those who attack the Freedom of the Press or victims of media writings. The Council discharges its functions primarily through the medium of its Inquiry Committees, adjudicating on complaint cases received by it against the Press for violation of the norms of journalism or by the Press for interference with its freedom by the authorities. Its powers thus are limited to only inquiring and at best censuring. What does this censuring ensure? Practically nothing. Small wonder, the Press Council is often referred to as a toothless tiger. For years, there have been suggestions to empower the Press Council with powers to punish. If we can have a RERA for regulating the Real Estate industry, why cant we have a Media Council that covers a broad spectrum of the media – print, electronic and social. Anybody with a smart phone is a potential broadcaster and thus the social media also needs to be brought under a watchdog. Through this forum, we request you to quickly take steps to enlarge the scope of the Press Council into a Media Council and empower it with truly quasi-judicial powers to cover all stake holders – from media houses, journalists to those who may be affected by fake news and false writings. Yours sincerely B N Kumar Director – The Media Connect   .

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Petitioning Shri Uddhav Thackeray

NatConnect Series: Save & Conserve Panje Wetland as #MMRbiodiversityPark​.​WMBD Gift

Hon’ble Mukhya Mantri ji, Thank you very much for your prompt responses to our pleas regarding saving Panje Wetland. Now, we write to you ahead of the World Migratory Bird Day being observed on October 9 with a specific request to you to declare and conserve Panje Wetland in Uran as #MMRbiodoversityPark. This will be an ideal WBMD Gift for the people of MMR. The reasons: Wetlands and mangroves around Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), not merely the island city of Mumbai, must be preserved for the sake of survival. The government has worked out a detailed MCAP is fully aware of the dangers of climate change the City is facing. Yet, the important issue of preserving Mumbiodiversity is being ignored. The classic examples are: The government owned CIDCO and even Raigad District Collector deny the existence of wetlands in Navi Mumbai. They are partially right because all wetlands are being converted into desert lands with massive landfill. Fortunately, there are few wetlands left and Panje is one of them. It is high time that we began to educate and sensitise the officials concerned – rather unconcerned – and the people at large on the importance of conserving the biodiversity. You will agree with us that there is a need for a Biodiversity Park for MMR. Mumbai does not have even a single inch of land available and environment care is unfortunately considered as a luxury. One will not find a vast area – 300 hectares – of wetland anywhere around. Panje has it. Sir, we appreciate the fact that CIDCO has marked Panje as Holding Pond No 1 (as part of flood mitigation for Dronagiri node. But unfortunately, the same CIDCO, has leased out Panje to now de-notified Navi Mumbai SEZ. This shows the so-called pro-environment policies of CIDCO! Not only that, CIDCO has even incorporated Panje as part of its Dronagiri Development Plan marking the wetland area as Sector 16 to 28. This lease has to be scrapped. BNHS and many environment lovers have been requesting the government to save Panje wetland not only for saving Uran’s biodiversity but to save the flights at upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport from the dangers of bird-hits as birds displaced by burial of wetlands will fly helter-skelter and land around the airport project area. The bird population around the NMIA project is already on the rise, as per BNHS studies. Hence this fervent appeal to you and the government for saving and conserving Panje Wetland as #MMRbiodiversityPark . Panje has a rich biodiversity: There are mangroves around, despite destruction of many, over 1,50,000 birds come here and then the beauty of the vast inter-tidal water. Sir, we are working with BNHS’ help to list out biodiversity properties in MMR and will keep updating the government. Looking forward to your positive response, as always. Thanks and regards B N Kumar Director - NatConnect Foundation

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