Project HEAL

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The founders of Project HEAL, Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran, met while undergoing treatment for anorexia nervosa. . The two girls helped each other to reach full recovery, and then wanted to help others achieve it, as well. In the spring of 2008 they founded Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live (, a not-for-profit organization that raises money for others with eating disorders who are not able to afford treatment, and tries to diminish the societal obsession with body image that helps contribute to eating disorders. Project HEAL has raised over $220,000 to date through fundraisers, grants, private donations, and merchandise sales, and has sent seven applicants to treatment. Liana and Kristina also speak regularly at high schools, hospital programs and panel talks, sharing their personal stories and educating peers on eating disorders. Additionally, they serve as mentors to both young girls who are battling eating disorders and “normal” teenage girls who experience low self-esteem, and a consultant to parents, siblings, friends, and treatment providers dealing with these disorders.

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