Prayers For Drake

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Drake is a retired K9 German Shepherd that was beaten and shot four times at point blank range on Sunday, November 18th while his owner, a FL state trooper was at work. Drake fought a HARD 5-day battle, but in the end had to be euthanized as his injuries were too severe. The juvenile who murdered Drake was a repeat offender and was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the break-in. When asked if he thought about the dog he shot he showed absolutely NO signs of remorse. Our group collectively wrote letters, emails and made phone calls asking for the Florida State Attorney's office to charge this juvenile as an adult and THANKFULLY - that will now happen! There are three felony charges against him with one of them holding a potential life sentence. Our goal, now is to ask for NO PLEA DEALS!! We believe this repeat criminal should be punished to the fullest extent of the law as he is a HUGE danger to society. Please pass this petition on to anyone and everyone you know who you know will agree. Our voices have made a difference so far - let's not stop until justice is served. DO IT FOR DRAKE!!

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