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Use Prayer and Fasting to solve problems of world

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    July 25, 2016 Contact:  Ludwig at 301-768-1076   CITIZENS PICKET WHITE HOUSE URGING OBAMA AND DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE  TO STOP IGNORING  THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF PRESIDENT  LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON (There would have been no Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton without the civil rights vision of President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Time for the DNC to publicly recognize his outstanding accomplishments.  He has not been recognized since the 1968 Convention. We want this convention to give the daughters of this late President a prime time slot before the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton transpires. Please announce on your upcoming news shows and websites.  People of all races colors and creeds are urged to join in our crusade to honor President Lyndon Baines Johnson)    On the day that President Obama is supposed to speak at the Democratic Convention, some concerned citizens and civil rights activists will picket the White House urging President Obama to mention the contributions of the late President Lyndon Baines Johnson to preserving civil rights for minorities. Our sources tell us that the Democratic Committee has not honored this civil rights icon since 1968. This historic protest takes place in the heat on the north side of the White House on this Wednesday, July 27, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  We should never forget that the civil rights bills of 1965 and affirmative action programs of 1966 enabled President Obama to reach this high pinnacle of success.  These laws represent the main reason that Hillary Clinton has become the first female nominated for President from a major political party in America.  It is their hope that even at this late date that Hillary will use her clout to arrange for the two living daughters of President Johnson to give a brief tribute to their beloved father who changed the landscape of civil rights in America. At the least, there should be a moment of silence before Hillary Clinton is introduced on Thursday night. She should definitely mention this great trailblazer in her speech.  With the fair voting rights laws of the Johnson Great Society being attacked constantly by Republicans, there has never been a more perfect time to uplift the name of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a true servant of God who believed in the Golden Rule that is the fundamental teaching of Christianity the faith that so many racist people in America espouse.  We expect about 15 people from the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) and Black ministers from the Washington metropolitan area to be present at the vigil/protest.  Some of the signs at the LBJ event will read:   DNC:  Don’t Forget the Contribution of Lyndon Baines Johnson to Civil Rights;  Let LBJ’s daughters speak to the 2016 Convention ;  There Would be no  President Obama or Hillary Clinton  Without President LBJ; Bernie Sanders Loves LBJ;  or LBJ, A TRUE CIVIL RIGHTS ICON.  The group will form prayer groups with people and visitors from around the world who are visiting the White House grounds or taking their lunch breaks.  Artists from the Pray at the Pump Movement will perform songs of the civil rights era.  Rocky Twyman, the founder of the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) gives praises to God for helping him to arrange for Lynda Johnson Robb, the eldest daughter of President Johnson to speak at the 50th celebration of his high school class at Pine Forge Academy in Pennsylvania, one of four predominantly black boarding high school that still exists in the country. His 1966 class directly benefited from the civil rights programs of the Great Society. He like other blacks believe that President Johnson has not received enough credit from the minority communities or the Democratic Party for his accomplishments. He hopes that this Pennsylvania event will set the record straight.  Twyman, who founded the Oprah Winfrey for Nobel Peace Prize Movement in 2005 was very disappointed that Ms. Winfrey portrayed this civil rights icon as a racist in the movie Selma.  In Twyman’s opinion, she would not have achieved her financial success if it had not been for the far reaching civil rights legislation of President Johnson.  Twyman is planning a special community fundraiser for the foundation in Montgomery County on August 27, President Johnson’s birthday. The event will conclude with the singing of We Shall Overcome, the famous civil rights hymn of the sixties that is still performed in black churches to this day on Martin Luther King’s birthday. .  There will be a special Walking Book of Love for the Johnson family that people can sign.  The card will be sent to the great LBJ Library in Austin, Texas.  Supporters of this project are also urged to sign the online petition urging the National Democratic Committee to  publicly recognize the civil rights  accomplishment of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, A TRUE CIVIL RIGHTS ICON.          

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    President Obama nominate Prince for Medal of Freedom Award/Kennedy Center honors Now!

    April 25, 2016 Contact: Rocky Twyman at 301-768-1076 THE PEOPLE'S WHITE HOUSE TRIBUTE TO PRINCE-THIS WEDNESDAY-APRIL 27, 2016-FANS WANT OBAMA TO GIVE PRINCE MEDAL OF FREEDOM AND SECURE KENNEY CENTER HONORS FOR THE ICON (Citizens urge news media outlets to publicize this information on upcoming news shows and web sites. Fans are urged to stop by in their purple outfits and sign the Walking Book of Condolences for the grieving family ) Local fans and members of the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) will celebrate the life and humanitarian acts of Prince on this coming Wednesday, April 27 on the north side of the White House. They will carry signs that say such things as President Obama ,Nominate Prince for a Medal of Freedom posthumously or President Obama Use Your Clout to Secure the Kennedy Center Honors. Organizers say that they were co impressed with the tearful video of Van Jones, a CNN contributor that highlighted the tremendous humanitarian contributions of this musical icon that many did not have knowledge. Jones said that Prince reached out to him after he lost his White House job or when he was most devastated. Members of PAPM were impressed that Prince told Jones to go to Jersualem for two weeks and pray to God. PAPM has always believed that Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. Therefore. PAPM will proudly sponsor a Walking Book of Condolences that fans can sign that will be sent to Paisley Park to provide hope for this grieving family. A local band is scheduled to be present to play songs of hope and comfort for fans from all over the world who will be passing by the White House to celebrate the life of Prince. Please sign our petition that will be sent to President Obama urging him to secure the Medal of Freedom and Kennedy Center Honors for this great humanitarian. Prince was greatly concerned about the inner city violence and the impact it was having on the youth. He gave numerous peace concerts across the country to raise money for those organizations such as Black Lives Matter that were trying to restore peace to troubled communities ripped apart by police brutality. He wanted this black organization to do more to concentrate on economic development in inner city communities. One major concert was held in Baltimore after the unrest around the Freddie Gray murder case. Prince is a former Seventh-day Adventist who became Jehovah Witness. Prince was especially against racial and religious intolerance and donated large amounts of money to organizations promoting tolerance on these issues. Although he is no longer a member of the Adventist church, one of the PAPM leaders is an Adventist and said that Prince's contributions to organizations that believe in religious,, racial and gender tolerance has helped Seventh-day Adventist to maintain their worship Saturday based on Biblical tradition and not woron Sunday like most of the Christian In recent years, more and more Adventists have been dragged into court for refusing to work on Saturday or their day of rest. Prince's contributions have helped to keep the religious liberty issue alive. Prince also donated large sums of money to organizations that were developing young talent. His contribution to the Harlem School of Dance prevented its closure. And the list goes on and on. May this beautiful and loving spirit live on and on in our hearts. We need more celebrities like Prince who are willing to make a real difference in society with their God given wealth. AMEN

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