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Powered By Girl is a girl-driven media activism site designed and maintained by the Girls Advisory Board of Hardy Girls Healthy Women and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students at Colby College. These days pop culture media (TV, magazines, Facebook ads, etc) tells us that our worth comes from how we look, how thin or sexy we are, which boys we attract, and the clothing brands we wear. We’re told that Victoria’s Secret thongs are “aspirational,” that uploading images of our American Apparel-clad bottoms to be scored and judged in the AA “Best Butt” campaign is girl power, and that choosing “stupid” over “smart” by flashing our breasts, as Diesel suggests, is fun and funny. We want to do more than question and analyze the media targeting us. We want opportunities to think and work together, public spaces to critique and talk back, and tools to demand a more diverse and healthier set of messages. PBG capitalizes on our love of satire and humor, desire to be seen and heard, and passion for social media. PBG is taking Girl Power back, one media image at a time.

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Disney: Stop selling sexist Avengers t-shirts!

We live in a modern world where basic equality of the sexes should be assured. However, as long as major corportations like Disney perpetuate the image of women as weak and dependent on men in their marketing, equality is impossible. These shirts are marketed as 'The Avenger's Tee for Women' and 'The Iron Man Tee for Boys'. These shirts reflect the antiquated, sexist gender roles that Disney has worked so hard to move away from in the past few years. Disney long has been condemned for having storylines dominated by passive princesses and active male heroes. In recent years though, the company has made an attempt to change that. We have finally seen Disney princesses who don't fit the stereotype, who are strong and outspoken. We have also seen non-princesses, from pirates to moms, who are able to stand and fight for themselves. Anyone who has seen the Avengers knows that there is a character missing from both these t-shirts: the Black Widow, a hero in herself.  I love Disney movies, from Pirates of the Carribean to Pixar. What I don't love is seeing the same old assumptions and gender roles being taught to a new generation. The 'Be a Hero' t-shirt is made exlusively for boys, with no girls or even unisex version available. How could a company that markets itself to children possibly find these shirts acceptable to go on sale? Please sign this petition, and tell Disney that this merchandise should be taken off the market. From the Disney Store website: http://www.disneystore.com/the-avengers-tee-for-women-by-mighty-fine/mp/1332428/1000228/ http://www.disneystore.com/iron-man-tee-for-boys-by-mighty-fine/mp/1327467/1000228/#longDesc

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