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    Petitioning Waitrose and Tesco Berkhamsted

    Berkhamsted Waitrose and Tesco - less single-use plastic / more loose fruit and veg

    Single Use Plastic-Free Berko by 2020 We, the undersigned, petition Waitrose and Tesco in Berkhamsted to support our goals and help us achieve them by committing to: -Provide compostable bags for loose fruit and vegetables -Maximize the proportion of loose fruit and veg available. For more details of our local campaign see  

    Plastic Free Berko
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    Petitioning Berkhamsted Town Council

    Berkhamsted Council - Be single use plastic free by 2020

    #Plastic-Free Berko by 2020We petition Berkhamsted Town Council to commit to:- eliminating by the end of 2018 all single-use plastic from their premises, offices, meetings and events- using only re-usable coffee cups when possible, and compostable cups otherwise- supporting plastic-free initiatives from our Plastic Free Berko group and other local sources in order to make Berkhamsted single-use plastic-free  by 2020- nominating a committed councillor to join the Plastic-Free Berko steering committee- recommending that DBC provides dual bins on the high street for recyclables and compostables as well as waste for landfill - ensuring that households are alerted to the need to place the compostable cups we are encouraging cafes to use in their green household waste bins- improving awareness of plastic pollution by publicising ways to reduce plastic usage

    Plastic Free Berko
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