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In Dharamsala, overpopulation of street dogs has been an ongoing issue. There are thousands of stray dogs and the welfare of these animals is rarely considered. In July 2006, a mass killing was issued by the town of Mcleod Ganj (Upper Dharamsala and home to the Dalai Lama) to control the population of stray dogs in the area, by poisoning. A method that is clearly inhumane. Their hard lives typically leave them injured and infected with disease. If a dog is hit by a car, he is left there to suffer and die. Dogs of all ages are seen starving to death on the streets. Unfortunately, throughout the entire state of Himachal Pradesh there are no veterinarian services. Piyara Kutta, in partnership with the Himalayan Nature Society (HNS), run by Arvind Sharma, are working to change the way the community sees, feels and acts towards these animals. Over the past two years, HNS has invited volunteer vets to organize and run ABC (Animal Birth Control) camps for a humane solution in controlling over population of stray dogs by offering free spay and neutering. HNS also has a small piece of land where a shelter has been constructed to house sick and injured animals needing care. Today, we are implementing a rabies vaccination and identification program starting September 28th. It is an essential part of all sterilization programs to end the spread of the deadly virus which kills up to 20,000 people per year in India. It will also end the needless suffering of street dogs. Piyara Kutta is run strictly by the work of volunteers and donations .

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