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Perspective on Israel (PPI) is a network which was founded in August 2013 with the aim to counteract the negative, distorted image of Israel that is spread in the Swedish media and in political parties. We believe that peace is based on knowledge, understanding and democracy. Therefore, PPI aims to spread more knowledge about Israel and bring up the debate about the forces that spread lies about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. PPI do not think that racism leads to peace. Therefore, we see it as our duty to recognize and disclose any racist parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of which some are often promoted in Sweden as " partners for peace". PPI also aims to replace all negative concepts aimed at Israel, such as "apartheid," with more factual knowledge that is possible to understand and to explain. PPI is neither right wing nor left wing but a non-partisan independent network and the views of the network are based on facts, analysis, review, democratic values ​​and common sense.

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