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Peace X Peace is a global network of women with women-focused e-media, fresh analysis, and from-the-frontlines perspectives. We engage, connect, and amplify women's voices as the most direct and powerful ways to create cultures of peace around the world.

The Peace X Peace Community is our online community and the powerful, dynamic, rumbling engine that propels our e-media. Are you facilitating community mediation projects in Kenya? Teaching your children about peace and justice in the United States? Using the arts to bring people together in Iraq? Writing about inner peace in Switzerland? Or are you simply intrigued to learn more about peace? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing for peace, the Peace X Peace Community is your place to contribute your personal perspectives, learn from others, suggest fresh analysis, and ask questions. Join others engaging in creative dialogue and critical thinking about peace.

Peace needs YOUR voice and this is your place to contribute it.



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