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To work with children in their families is our main focus. However, environmental issues should also be a concern of all. It is our children's future.

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Petitioning Digital Project Know Your College by HRD, National Commission for Women, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Ministry - Women and Child, Ministry - HRD

Digital Project : Know Your College by HRD: Include ICC (for Sexual Harrasment) details

We appreciate the initiative of AICTE and MHRD(?) in including the Anti Ragging and Ombusdmen sections for each college in, considering the magnitude of Sexual Harrassment faced by woman students/girls in colleges mean an effective Internal Complaints Committee is vital to their well being.  I was shocked to personally see the behaviour of staff and Principal of a Polytechnic College towards students (they will claim "fatherly love"!) in front of me. It is, I can say a clear violation of the body privacy sanctioned to the child but clearly distorted and abused due to the power positions held by such staff and management. Furthermore, many of these girls are not even 18 when they reach here and are unable to make clear decisions under fear and pressure. I request all Commissions and the Know Your College portal people to consider it a high priority and provide a list of these Internal Complaints Committee in public domain, easily available and accessible to the student victim. Many college websites do not reveal such information in their public portals. Some colleges do not even have a public website. Emails and helplines are an easier way for children and students to report. Not giving such options and not explicitly showcasing these processes in college premises as posters and orientation prorgammes is a grave lapse we are doing despite giving them some legal right to battle such evils. Ten years back when I was studying, the case was the same and even today it is still so. That is a very sad thing. We seek to understand the escalation mechanisms as well in cases where an Internal Committee cannot be trusted at all owing to the people involved in such act. Kindly give us and children a lot more clarity, ease of access and immediate action to make ICC available in public domain. And the way further up. I see web portals of prestigious institutions like Christ University having such clear sections with email ids and contact of each member of such committee. And then many whose websites have none. And then many with no websites at all. Please do something about it at your earliest. How easy will it be for the child/student to go and hand over a written complain after asking the abuser about the details of the ICC committee members? More clear details or emails of the Ombudsperson/Anti-Ragging Committees is also not available in the colleges we looked up. Please note that giving a written letter and getting an acknowledgement from college people is a "not so easy" task, especially for children/students. Please note that in Government and Government Aided institutions, the children exposed are even more vulnerable and scared to enter into such intiatives. 6/6/2018 We see complaint mechanisms online in the site of Women's Commissions and State Commissions of Child Rights and Woman. It gives us a complaint number, but no digital way of checking the status of the complaints. Also, there are no emails mostly regarding the same. Such a complaint system is incomplete and is open to different lapses and failure. Kindly include a online status checking mechanism to such portals for easy and  efficient tracking by complainant. 

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Petitioning Prime Minister of India

Protect River Cauvery & the Cauvery Delta

Hon' Prime Minister of India & Chief Minister of India & IT Corporate Sustainability Groups, We are alarmed at the rate at which we are depleting our natural resources and reserves and are already seeing lower quality drinking water in Chennai in our day to day life. We, hence, understand that it is important to  1. Suspend all existing and new oil or methane gas extraction projects in the Delta Region (Kadiramangalam, Neduvasal and surrounding villages). Those, polluting our land and water is irreversible. Apart from pollution, impact on the livelihoods of farmers is another major factor. Roll back the announcement of marking villages for PCPIR (Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment regions). Instead, announce the delta and lower riparian districts as Protected Agricultural Zones, where no industries impacting ecology or livelihood can come up.  2. Stop Sand Mining with an iron hand and encourage use of Alternate Construction Methods even if such structures require more frequent maintenance than their (eventually) unhealthy counterparts. 3. Ensure Normal Ground Water Saline Levels and Ground Water Recharge in the Cauvery Delta Region by a minimal regular flow of Cauvery water. Form Cauvery Management Board (CMB) to regulate water scientifically and technically in a transparent way available for public. Transparency, we believe, will avoid misconceptions among public and prevent unnecessary clashes. 4. Prevent water loss by Afforestation along River Cauvery and Cauvery Delta. 5. Ban bottled drinks which anyway are found to be bad for human health. Drinking water should be restrained from being a saleable commodity. Water is not a commodity to be sold or purchased. Please take necessary transparent steps to regulate its use and to conserve.  6. Stop Deforestation in Coorg (Kodagu), Karnataka and other parts of our Upper Riparian State, Karnataka 7. Decentralize opportunities. Building bigger cities will deprive the rural areas off such natural resources like fresh water, ground water, sand, timber etc., and only eventually pollute the urban with over-growth and render it unsuitable for living in the long run. Decentralization will avoid these issues for all. Encourage job prospects in the IT Tech parks in place in different parts of Tamil Nadu. (For Corporates and IT Majors) 8. Encourage farmers to NOT move away from Agriculture by making robust plans and alternate earning possibilities during failed waters or rains. Increase transparency and easy access to schemes and rescue measures which will be robust and will ensure that corruption does not hinder farmers from reaching out to these services. Without being a Nature Friendly Nation, we see that we are sure to perish soon considering the Climate Changes and Water issues we already face. As subjects of the State, we seek a serious shift towards such measures. Our Governments need to give utmost importance to our 'Natural Capital' and make them available to people equally irrespective of the money they have or do not have. We need to think about the use of this natural capital while calculating profits and economic growth.  And any other measures of conservation, if can be arrived at should also be seriously thought about and implemented. Kindly take action in the above mentioned areas. P.S Friends, if you seek inclusion of any other measures, please write to us at 

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Petitioning Deputy Director - DWCD, CDPO - State Project Office, DD - DWCD, Chief Minister of Karnataka

Empowerment of Underprivileged Women Through Extended Child Care Support

GDMara Slum (Jeedimara Slum), on Bannerghatta Road (Near Jayadeva Flyover) has been sanctioned a third Anganwadi. However, due to want of space, the Anganwadi has not yet been opened though sanctioned. And no teachers or helpers appointed to pursue the task. Anganwadi norms require children to be in the age group of 3-6 years. And there is no flexibility of time like given by Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme. Attached Link: Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme.  Also, only this mentioned scheme and not the Anganwadi permits children of Age Group 6 months to 6 years to avail the day care facility provided by this scheme.  We consider this as a better option to put off the sibling care issue and the sexual exploitation of widows or destitute women that is prevalent in the area. As per our work closely in the area, we see that the women here are not empowered with the necessary child care support systems available for the upper class women due to their financial and/or social backwardness. Power struggles in the area have led to people being eventually victimized with no benefits of the State reaching them. Hence implementing the scheme and creating the necessary mechanism to educate and admit such children of vulnerable women must be taken up by the State with a iron hand and implemented.  A third Creche (more than a creche) is necessary to empower the women in this area and ensure that they do not fall prey to exploitation or poverty. Hence we seek: 1. Upgrade the Anganwadi to Creche and ensure its starts functioning at the earliest in Jeedimara (GDMara) Slum in close proximity to the slum with the required amount of space and all facilities unlike the earlier AWCs which do not even meet the minimal requirements. 2. Implement the facility in other low income group areas stage by stage to ensure women can work after 6 months of breast feeding and thus be financially independent and empowered. This is in interest of reducing the gender gap that exists for these women.  3. Educate the mothers about mother's committees in Anganwadis and make them more vocal and independent. Kindly lay the procedures for grant of the necessary permissions to visit and interact with parents of these committees by interested volunteers or local NGOs 4. Kindly paint the operational hours and contact details of Offices of CDPO (for complaints from parents) in Anganwadi name boards, the details of food grains provided to pregnant women, mothers of under three children and adolescent girls in a pictorial and illiterate-friendly manner in Anganwadis  and ensure periodic audit of such boards for damage or repainting needs by  neighbourhood volunteers and local organizations. 5. There is a child with Micro-encephaly in Jeedimara (GDMara) area. The new teacher and helper must have the necessary training to engage such child and train her well. PHC and DWCD must make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the child gets the necessary physiotherapy at the AWC or Creche itslef. The mother has not received any financial assistance available from the Government for the care and protection of such children and their mothers. This must be given to them immediately through the Anganwadi. Social interaction keeps such children active and it is essential to have the necessary setup to keep them in Anganwadis or creches with the necessary safety.  Kindly do the needful. We all support these causes and think it is important to empower these women we have come across. Your Faithfully

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Petitioning Commissioner of Public Instruction, Bangalore

Save the Tamil Premises of Jnana Jyothi Govt Aided School in Weaver's Colony, Blr-83

 Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada Primary School, was decades back a big school in Weaver's Colony. However, locals say, the school was demolished on the pretext of having been built on Encroached Forest Land and the big school with its nice premises was brought down. The students and locals transformed a Cow Shed (seen in picture) to the Tamil premises of the Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada School while the Kannada premises ran from another tiny location in Weaver's Colony.  In 2015, we saw very poor condition of roof in this premises. We raised donations from neighbouring residential apartments and with free labour from the community youth, we fixed the roof of the school. Last year (2016), this renovated campus was further renovated and repainted by its HM and the children studying in this campus have been moved to the already congested Kannada premises. And in this premises a banner stating that it is "Bright Little Stars" Nursery school has been added. Upon questioning, the parents were told that this academic year(2017), things would be normal, the moving of children was for the purpose of an "upcoming inspection". On questioning this year, the parents have been told that it is being converted to an English medium school. Such exploitation of illiterates and Tamil minorities requires severe reprimand. The local community is trying to reach out to the School Management related people and parents to understand the reality and resolve the issue. They are trying to reach out to supporters but are unable to understand the matter clearly yet. The social workers, community youth and donors associated with the school have already reported these illegal proceedings several times to authorities. They have maintained peace and have not provoked the local community in any way to prevent tensions. SSA has even sent them warning to look into the matter. However, it has not been prioritized and the deceiving continues. We understand that this is illegal. We request immediate attention to the matter and protection of rights and interests of the Tamil Children. The children must be given back their campus or a better one. Further, to protect this linguistic minority children's higher education, we request the Education Department to give an additional subject of Tamil in the nearest Government High School with English as medium of instruction (to get this children have to travel 14 kms away to City Market) as well as any other programmes of improvement. We request, on a priority to  Protect the rights and interests of the Tamil Children and give back them their decent campus permissible in RTE Eliminate Tamil school dropouts and protect them by giving an additional Tamil subject in the nearest Government High School Take disciplinary action on the officials responsible for it Review state of all such minority linguistic Govt and Govt Aided institutions with larger interest of all Tamil, Telugu, Urdu children while protecting and retaining them in general throughout Bangalore.                                                     Best Regards,                                                   Payanmaram, On Behalf of the Community

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