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    Stop the illegal actions and killing of dogs in Serbia

    Zoohygiene (dog catchers) from Vrnjačka Banja, based on the signed contracts, is catching dogs from 26 municipalities in Serbia with the guarantee that all dogs will be sterilized, micro-chipped and stay in the shelter for 30 days. They have no right to do things like that when they don’t have a shelter that can accommodate such a huge number of dogs. Their capacity is 80 dogs, yet 26 municipalities have many thousands of abandoned dogs in their towns. Also, it is upon each municipality to solve the problem of stray dogs and it is illegal to transfer dogs from one municipality to another. We all know these dogs will end up killed immediately without anyone taking responsibility for this cruel act. We know it, because all dogs that were caught and taken by this company "Avenija MB", have never been returned. They have simply disappeared. Please sign and share the petition and help save the lives of thousands of innocent animals.

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    Petitioning BH embassy Sweden

    Stop the illegal, inhumane killing of stray dogs in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

    Mass & ILLEGAL cull of stray dogs is taking place in Sarajevo and other parts of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This government-sanctioned slaughter has been going on for several days. The authority for this massacre comes from the members of the state leading political party, who are actively encouraging the brutality that is currently taking place. Articles in English: Massive Killing of Animals in Sarajevo - Feb. 23, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/massive-killing-of-animals-in-sarajevo/ Sarajevo: Dog Catchers in Action (VIDEO) - Feb. 25, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/sarajevo-dog-catchers-in-action-video/ Former Military Base in Sarajevo involved in dog killing? - Feb. 28, 2015 http://inmemoryofvucko.org/2015/02/28/former-military-base-in-sarajevo-involved-in-dog-killing/

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    Petitioning Mile Zlojutro

    Kozarska Dubica: Stop the mass killing of stray dogs!

    English article: http://journalistsforanimals.com/locals-fear-massacre-dogs/ In September last year the mass killing of stray dogs happened in the middle of the city Kozarska Dubica. Even dogs who were at primary school yard were killed in front of pupils. Many dogs were brutally killed by hunting association "Jelen" from the same city. (http://www.nezavisne.com/novosti/gradovi/Ubijali-pse-pred-ocima-osnovaca-263962.html). According to the new information, new massacre will happen very soon. Municipal officials have called anyone with weapons and all the local hunting associations to perform this cruel and illegal act (http://www.nezavisne.com/novosti/gradovi/Mjestani-strahuju-od-masakra-pasa-285362.html). Please help us to stop it!

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    Petitioning Lamija BOJADŽIĆ

    Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them.

    Catastrophic news regarding the street dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina! The ruling politicians from Bosnia are working hard to suspend the law from 2009 that is in the favor of street dogs and is prohibiting the collection and cruel killing of street dogs by municipal workers. Accordingly, the brutal killing of stray dogs will be allowed again! For months media is spreading hatred against street dogs, and intentionally causes fear and hatred towards the dogs. The state has almost no interest in a humane reduction of stray animals, the prices at the veterinary clinics for neutering are very high considering the standards and the high rate unemployment in Bosnia. To some people, monthly salary in Bosnia is as nearly as high as the cost of a castration is. We must act now, and protest, to help defenseless animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina! They have suffered enough and still continue to suffer! We ask the authorities to finally set a central register for dogs, to end all puppy mills and backyard breeding, and to finally punish the abandonment of animals! We want the authorities to do their work and not go the easiest way to them, because it could lead to a thousandfold slaughter of dogs. Our main goal is to prevent the suspension of the law! Please help us mobilize all the friends, acquaintances, animal rights protectors, media, politicians,...

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