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    Stop the illegal actions and killing of dogs in Serbia

    Zoohygiene (dog catchers) from Vrnjačka Banja, based on the signed contracts, is catching dogs from 26 municipalities in Serbia with the guarantee that all dogs will be sterilized, micro-chipped and stay in the shelter for 30 days. They have no right to do things like that when they don’t have a shelter that can accommodate such a huge number of dogs. Their capacity is 80 dogs, yet 26 municipalities have many thousands of abandoned dogs in their towns. Also, it is upon each municipality to solve the problem of stray dogs and it is illegal to transfer dogs from one municipality to another. We all know these dogs will end up killed immediately without anyone taking responsibility for this cruel act. We know it, because all dogs that were caught and taken by this company "Avenija MB", have never been returned. They have simply disappeared. Please sign and share the petition and help save the lives of thousands of innocent animals.

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    Petitioning BH embassy Sweden

    Stop the illegal, inhumane killing of stray dogs in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

    Mass & ILLEGAL cull of stray dogs is taking place in Sarajevo and other parts of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This government-sanctioned slaughter has been going on for several days. The authority for this massacre comes from the members of the state leading political party, who are actively encouraging the brutality that is currently taking place. Articles in English: Massive Killing of Animals in Sarajevo - Feb. 23, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/massive-killing-of-animals-in-sarajevo/ Sarajevo: Dog Catchers in Action (VIDEO) - Feb. 25, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/sarajevo-dog-catchers-in-action-video/ Former Military Base in Sarajevo involved in dog killing? - Feb. 28, 2015 http://inmemoryofvucko.org/2015/02/28/former-military-base-in-sarajevo-involved-in-dog-killing/

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    Petitioning Mile Zlojutro

    Kozarska Dubica: Stop the mass killing of stray dogs!

    English article: http://journalistsforanimals.com/locals-fear-massacre-dogs/ In September last year the mass killing of stray dogs happened in the middle of the city Kozarska Dubica. Even dogs who were at primary school yard were killed in front of pupils. Many dogs were brutally killed by hunting association "Jelen" from the same city. (http://www.nezavisne.com/novosti/gradovi/Ubijali-pse-pred-ocima-osnovaca-263962.html). According to the new information, new massacre will happen very soon. Municipal officials have called anyone with weapons and all the local hunting associations to perform this cruel and illegal act (http://www.nezavisne.com/novosti/gradovi/Mjestani-strahuju-od-masakra-pasa-285362.html). Please help us to stop it!

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    Petitioning Veterinary Chamber of Federation of BH

    Investigate and revoke the veterinary license of Mustafa Mrkulic due to animal abuse and malpractice

    Veterinarian Mustafa Mrkulić is considered to be the butcher of animals in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on reports by animal rights activists, Mrkulić has killed thousands of animals, particularly stray dogs in Sarajevo. There is public speculation that animals are being killed using illegal means, such as injecting cleaning supplies like bleach directly in the animal’s heart. Following the injection in the heart, the animal is condemned to hours of dying in agony. Furthermore, Mrkulić is the only veterinarian willing to work with the unlawfully formed Hygiene Services of Novi Grad municipality in Sarajevo responsible for dog catching services. All other veterinarians have refused to collaborate with the stated Hygiene Service. Mrkulić’s operation of illegal animal killing is conducted at the veterinary facility in Reljevo located on the outskirts of Sarajevo. Sarajevo residents who inquire about the wellbeing of stray dogs taken to the veterinary facility are turned away and the police is called under the guise that the activists are “obstructing the work” of veterinarians. Sarajevo residents who recently tried to prevent dog catchers from taking five stray dogs they cared for in their neighborhood were fined 500 EUR by the law enforcement authorities. The dogs “disappeared,” but there is no doubt that they were taken to Mrkulić to be slaughtered. Several criminal complaints have been submitted against Mustafa Mrkulić based on the following suspicions: torture and killing of animals, abuse of power and authority, complicity in criminal acts, and misuse of funds. Each complaint is backed by material evidence and witness statements.

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    Petitioning Ministry of Agriculture - Veterinary Directorate

    Proper punishment for pet abandonment and irresponsible ownership

    In Serbia, local governments don’t have any legal program focused on irresponsible pet owners which should be called (under section 54 of the Animal Welfare Act) “Stray cat and dog population control program”. This illegal situation exists since June 10, 2009, because of the omission of the Ministry of Agriculture - Veterinary Directorate. Having in mind uncontrolled owners and the pyramid of cat and dog reproduction, in Serbia there are no legal shelters whose accommodation capacities correspond to the environment specifics, as well as none of them acts lawfully towards the animals, citizens and the public money.Legal reduction of the stray cat and dog population can only be achieved by reducing the number of irresponsible pet owners – with the lawful punishment of all active legal entities: individuals (pet owners) and the zoohygienic services of the local government, as well as the responsible people in the local government bodies and republic agencies who act contrary to the law and lead to the suffering and killing of animals, expensive and justified compensation claims of injured citizens, as well as to the repetitive waste of public money year after year.We demand that the Ministry of Agriculture - Veterinary Administration finally approaches to a global solution of this problem and solve it.

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    Petitioning Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management

    Stop brutalnom hvatanju i ubijanju pasa lutalica u Srbiji

    Stop the brutal catching and killing of dogs in Serbia From multiple sources all over Serbia it came to our knowledge the information about the increased and arrogant work of city dog catchers. Dogs are captured and killed in the most brutal manner. Under the Animal Welfare Law Serbia has prohibited these kinds of actions towards the animals and we ask for immediate ceasing of activities that are inconsistent with the existing Law.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKuEj2kQ77wInternet article: http://www.zivotinje.rs/vestiStrana.php?id=7032Each signature sends a protest letter to relevant parties in Serbia.Please sign and share this petition widely.

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    Petitioning Emdžad Galijašević

    Bosnia and Herzegovina: This is why I stand AGAINST euthanasia of stray animals

    October 5 is approaching, the date when Bosnian Government will decide about changing the existed Animal Protection Law. By legalizing euthanasia of stray animals they are treated as a plague that needs to be exterminated. That is contradictory to everything that Government need to represent. Decision made on October 5, 2013 needs to set an example to all the citizens of BH. It needs to show that BH can reach the high standards of civilized world. It needs to show that BH has a heart for all its citizens - four-legged and two-legged. It needs to show that BH cares and the rest of the world will appreciate it. That is why I appeal one more time: Bosnia and Herzegovina please don't legalize euthanasia of stray animals!----------------------------------------------------Protest letter in Change.org petition is in Bosnian language.Every time someone signs the petition, it is delivered to relevant parties in BH.That is why we must gather as much signatures as possible.If you want to send an English version of the protest letter, it is provided in our FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/160703180803366/

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    Petitioning Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina: Start Implementing Animal Protection Law

    According to information we have received from activists in Sarajevo, we learned that on October 5, 2013 the Bosnian Government will be making changes in the Animal Protection Law. Based on our experience, this type of modifications doesn’t usually do any good for the animals. Government has already tried to do something similar a few months ago by proposing euthanasia of stray animals after only 15 days of their stay in the city pounds. Fortunately, this decision was never accepted and we want it to stay that way - permanently. Pressure from the people and the Bosnian Government for this problem to be solved on the most brutal way is rising each day and is probably stimulated by the Romanian Government’s decision to kill all their stray dogs. We must stress out the information that Bosnian Government has never implemented their Animal Protection Law from 2009. That is why we need to keep our pressure on them to start doing their job properly and stop the needless suffering of Bosnian street cats and dogs.

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    Petitioning Jerko Ivankovic-Lajic

    We want justice for Siva

    “Four days ago local people from the village Binježevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) drove cuddly stray dog to the Veterinary Station “Hadžići” for sterilization. After four days, she was returned, but with cut open belly. Disturbing and shocking photographs serve as the evidence of the massacre committed against the unfortunate animal!” Yesterday's news of unprofessionally performed sterilization of a stray dog and her tragic death has shocked activists around the world. Negligence, carelessness and irresponsibility from the staff of the vet station “Hadzici” is the main cause of this brutal act. Sterilization was carried out on the unfortunate dog called Siva who was operated despite the fact she recently gave birth to the puppies. Siva was favorite among local people and she won’t be forgotten! Please sign this petition and give your voice as something like this must not happen ever again. The letter will be handed to the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Veterinary and vet station where this brutal act occurred. Article in Bosnian language: http://www.depo.ba/hronika/niti-jedna-zivotinja-ne-zasluzuje-ovakvu-sudbinu-sokantne-posljedice-sterilizacije-pasa-u-hadzicima

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    Petitioning Lamija BOJADŽIĆ

    Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them.

    Catastrophic news regarding the street dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina! The ruling politicians from Bosnia are working hard to suspend the law from 2009 that is in the favor of street dogs and is prohibiting the collection and cruel killing of street dogs by municipal workers. Accordingly, the brutal killing of stray dogs will be allowed again! For months media is spreading hatred against street dogs, and intentionally causes fear and hatred towards the dogs. The state has almost no interest in a humane reduction of stray animals, the prices at the veterinary clinics for neutering are very high considering the standards and the high rate unemployment in Bosnia. To some people, monthly salary in Bosnia is as nearly as high as the cost of a castration is. We must act now, and protest, to help defenseless animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina! They have suffered enough and still continue to suffer! We ask the authorities to finally set a central register for dogs, to end all puppy mills and backyard breeding, and to finally punish the abandonment of animals! We want the authorities to do their work and not go the easiest way to them, because it could lead to a thousandfold slaughter of dogs. Our main goal is to prevent the suspension of the law! Please help us mobilize all the friends, acquaintances, animal rights protectors, media, politicians,...

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