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    Petitioning Turkish President, Turkish ministry, Presidency Of The Republic Of Turkey, T. C. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

    Hundreds of stray dogs, cats poisoned in Ankara, Turkey. Help stop the torture.

    ProblemHundreds of stray dogs, cats poisoned in Capital city of Turkey. Many animals get killed because of poison (siyanur) and none of press agents announce this cruelty. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1921837181458431&id=100008965022551https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1920604291581720&id=100008965022551https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1408064262662550&id=692694940866156SolutionPlease help Turkish animals and animal rescue people by sharing this petition and spreading the word about this monstrosity. Each signature means an email is sent to the relevant targets.

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    Petitioning Bosnia and herzegovina

    Stop the illegal purchase of Praca and buy a shelter in Sarajevo. Not with our money!

    We sent a letter to Prime minister and two ministers, Public attorney of Canton Sarajevo and to all members od Canton Sarajevo Parliament: Being that the Public Attorney office in Sarajevo stated that the contract of lease for the shelter Praca was never in forced, meaning that all the receivables from the company Murai Comerce are unsubstantial (mora than 400.000BAM)  Being that the Public Attorney Office despite this have a positive attitude when it comes to buying the shelter in an amount larger than 1.200.000BAM, and the Sarajevo Parliament confirmed it by accepting the amending budget for the year of 2017  Being that the COMPANY Murai Comerce in 2012 in a non transparent way (and illegal?) acquired a multi million job financed by public money.  Being that by the budget scheme of Sarajevo additional 400.000BAM is confirmed for "buying out the shelter" (for what) 5. Being that the BPK veterinary inspection has prohibited further bringing of new dogs to Praca due to poor conditions  Being that the shelter Praca does not satisfy any of the conditions of a shelter that were provided in the ordinance, by that of course not the adoption conditions either  Being that the dogs who are there depend solely on volunteers, for food, water, hygiene, vet care and also adoption. 8. Being that Murai Comerce is a debtor of public taxes and income  Being that the worthless land in Praca is under mortgage  Being that not a cent has been planned for the shelter or provided to make the shelter functional and to have.  Being that the shelter is outside the canton Sarajevo, which also costs more for everyone who goes there (including the inspection, veterinarians etc. Costs such as gas, compensation for a business trip,etc.) Being that the goal of a shelter is to be a step towards adoption, we as citizens are requesting the following: Immediate steps towards a legal and transparent procedure for purchasing a cantonal dog shelter in the Canton.  Building a shelter that will comply by the ordinance and by doing so it will help the legal adoption process with the help of the volunteers. We are offering you: Help and support in every action that requires any volunteer help and the NGO, including the help with the adoption, advertising of the dogs etc, of course strictly by following the letter of the law. In case you don't do as by the regulations, we will be forced to send reports to the Prosecutor office in Sarajevo, but also to the prosecution office of BiH cause of the breaking of the Public Procurement Law.Start implementing the laws of the country that is paying you. Stop with the misuse of power, corruption, illegal spending of public money and illegal dog killings!

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    Petitioning Avenija MB

    Animal abuse at the expense of citizens?

    In the past four years the company "Avenue MB" from Novo Selo near Vrnjačka Banja is monopolizing the business of the catching of stray dogs. Animal protection organizations claim that this firm uses cruel methods to "care" for their animals, and the institutions do not react or make any statement about it. By hiring this private company, local government massively violates laws and depletes its own cash for tens of millions of dinars, according to animal rights activists from Vojvodina research and analysis center (VOICE). You can translate and read the article here: http://voice.org.rs/voice-avenija-mb-zlostavljanje-zivotinja-o-trosku-gradana/ We had previously made a petition also targeting Avenija MB where you can read more about this situation and spread the word: https://www.change.org/p/avenija-mb-stop-the-illegal-actions-and-killing-of-dogs-in-serbia Please sign and share both petitions. Animal lives depend on us. Thank you!

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    Petitioning Bosnia and herzegovina

    Fully Implement the Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals

    Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals of Bosnia and Herzegovina was enacted eight years ago. Since then authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have granted to many political eligible persons and companies public shelters for stray animals that haven't been built, registered and established in accordance with Ordinance of establishing and conditions that shelters for stray animals must fulfill in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a by Act of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals.Dogs in those illegal public shelters aren't identified, registered and they are killed illegally in most notorious ways. Also bodies of dead dogs are removed and destroyed in unknown ways in hidden locations. The latest and the most notorious example is the shelter for stray dogs in Praca which was rented without tender and fulfilling of legal procedures from a private person and his building company by Government of Canton Sarajevo. There is no any system of control of caught dogs as well as transport of dogs to the shelter and their number in the shelter.Dogs is Praca are placed in their own feaces dirty concrete kennels without food and water. 1.000.000 KM (500.000 Euros) is transferred from the budget of Canton Sarajevo for this massacre annually. We demand implementation of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals by those who have enacted the law and who are obliged to implement the law.Our demands are:1. Urgent terminating of illegal killing of stray animals in public shelters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which must be done by Veterinary Office, Veterinary inspections, Police forces and Prosecutor's offices2. Urgent control and closing of all public shelters that don't fulfill conditions that are provided by the law and bylaws 3. Urgent presence of veterinarians in all shelters which must be ordered and controlled by Veterinary Office and Veterinary inspections4. Urgent suspension of procedure of buying Praca shelter from Murai commerce company by Government of Canton Sarajevo as well as termination of contract between authorities of Canton Sarajevo and Murai commerce due to failure of implemnation of the law and the contract.5. Transparent and legal financing of solving of problem of overpopulation of stray dogs6. Urgent and general termination of all illegal and inhuman actions of catching of stray dogs as well as their killing and placing on unknown locations which must be done urgently by Veterinary Office, Veterinary inspections7. Implementation of legal provisions that allows all citizens and volunteers to visit and control all shelters for stray animals8. Urgent action of veterinary inspections in order to control registration of pets as well as breeders of dogs9. Urgent punishing of all people who abandon their pets Dear members of legislative and executive authorities, these are your rules and you are obliged to start their immediate implementation!

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    Petitioning Mayor Sanader

    Unimaginable dog neglect in shelter Kanis in Sremska Mitrovica

    In the Serbian town of Sremska Mitrovica, disgusting dog abuse has been taking place for months, caused by the ruthless Mayor Vladimir Sanader. For many months, Vladimir Sanader has no longer funded any food for the 400 dogs in the Kanis shelter. Sporadic watery prison waste and leftover bread from a bakery encourage the mutual mutilation of the constantly starving dogs. If the European sponsors had not contributed more than €15000 there would be no dogs left in the Kanis shelter. Since April, Mayor has not paid salaries to Kanis employees, causing them to leave and the dogs are then largely left on their own. Dog catchers of the „dog murderer“ Vladimir Sanader brutally and without any training primitively capture street dogs and deport them (even if they have owners) to the prison grounds. No one is allowed to see the dogs, not even the director of the shelter nor the dog owners. Are these dogs still alive? So far, neither Sanader nor the prison director haven't responded to any pleas and requests in months. All the facts as well as testimonies of citizens from Sremska Mitrovica suggest that the 40 kennels on the prison grounds, which have so far been financed through EU funds, will be used as a „still secret“ killing camp. Please everyone, help us save the lives of our fellow beings. Sign and share this petition widely. With every signature an email is sent to the targets. So far we are targeting: Veterinary directorate of RS: vetuprava@minpolj.gov.rs Ministry of Agriculture: OFFICE@minpolj.gov.rs Prime Minister of RS: predsednikvlade@gov.rs Mayor Sanader: sanaderv@gmail.com   and   gradonacelniksm@gmail.com Communal police: komunalnapolicija@sremskamitrovica.org.rs TV stations and newspapers: sremskatv@yahoo.com, redakcija@ozon.rs, redakcija@sremskenovine.co.rs Feel free to send them your personal messages, but please be polite and respectful. Thank you.

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    Petitioning Mayor of Kraljevo, Mayor's assistant, Attorney General, ombudsman

    Stop the unlawful killing in the shelter of Kraljevo city, Serbia.

    On September 20, 2017 the local government of Kraljevo, Serbia, voted in favor of the "abandoned dogs and cats" being handed over to "scientific-research institutions, that is, they can be destroyed by modern methods in a human manner." Please sign this petition to send a loud and clear message - This is against the law! Please share!

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    Petitioning TV Prva

    Stop the illegal actions and killing of dogs in Serbia

    Zoohygiene (dog catchers) from Vrnjačka Banja, based on the signed contracts, is catching dogs from 26 municipalities in Serbia with the guarantee that all dogs will be sterilized, micro-chipped and stay in the shelter for 30 days. They have no right to do things like that when they don’t have a shelter that can accommodate such a huge number of dogs. Their capacity is 80 dogs, yet 26 municipalities have many thousands of abandoned dogs in their towns. Also, it is upon each municipality to solve the problem of stray dogs and it is illegal to transfer dogs from one municipality to another. We all know these dogs will end up killed immediately without anyone taking responsibility for this cruel act. We know it, because all dogs that were caught and taken by this company "Avenija MB", have never been returned. They have simply disappeared. Please sign and share the petition and help save the lives of thousands of innocent animals.

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    Petitioning BH embassy Sweden

    Stop the illegal, inhumane killing of stray dogs in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

    Mass & ILLEGAL cull of stray dogs is taking place in Sarajevo and other parts of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This government-sanctioned slaughter has been going on for several days. The authority for this massacre comes from the members of the state leading political party, who are actively encouraging the brutality that is currently taking place. Articles in English: Massive Killing of Animals in Sarajevo - Feb. 23, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/massive-killing-of-animals-in-sarajevo/ Sarajevo: Dog Catchers in Action (VIDEO) - Feb. 25, 2015 http://journalistsforanimals.com/sarajevo-dog-catchers-in-action-video/ Former Military Base in Sarajevo involved in dog killing? - Feb. 28, 2015 http://inmemoryofvucko.org/2015/02/28/former-military-base-in-sarajevo-involved-in-dog-killing/

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