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    Petitioning Chris Crewther, Federal Member for Dunkley


    KARINGAL PLACE NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE OCCASIONAL CARE IS BEING CLOSED LEAVING HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES WITHOUT CHILDCARE. The Turnbull Liberal Government has quietly gutted a national childcare program which is set to leave more than 50 neighbourhood houses across Victoria without vital funding, including in Frankston.  Last year, Liberal Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham confirmed he will cut the National Occasional Care Program, leaving kids, parents and neighbourhood houses out to dry in just four months time. Despite this , our local member, Chris Crewther MP, has denied any knowledge of these cuts. The program – due to expire in July – funds flexible childcare for 143 providers in Victoria, 52 of which are neighbourhood houses, including Karingal Place Community Centre. This vicious cut leaves many families out in the cold with no childcare option for working parents, resulting in situations where they have no means to earn a wage. We call on Chris Crewther and the Liberals to immediately continue the program to give local families some peace of mind, or immediately provide adequate, comparable alternative childcare solutions.     

    Paul Edbrooke MP, State Member for Frankston
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    Petitioning Frankston City Council

    Frankston City Council: Reverse your decision to scrap hard rubbish collection

    Frankston City Council has decided that collecting our hard-rubbish is just too hard. This will leave far too many residents with no way of disposing of their hard-rubbish throughout the year. We call upon Frankston City Council to reverse their decision to scrap hard-rubbish collection.

    Paul Edbrooke MP, State Member for Frankston
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    Petitioning Minister for Education The Hon. James Merlino MP

    Secure McClelland College funding for desperately needed upgrades

    McClelland College is one of the fastest growing schools in Frankston and has been looked over for funding by successive governments.  As the State Member for Frankston, and a member of the Andrews Government, I call upon the Minister for Education, the Hon. James Merlino MP to provide desperately needed funding for McClelland College's building upgrades (with the most significant being the gym) in the 2016 state budget.   

    Paul Edbrooke MP, State Member for Frankston
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