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We the Parents and Friends of Bruce Monroe along with Empower DC are working towards our goal of getting our school Bruce Monroe rebuilt on its original site (3012 Georgia Avenue).  In late 2007 our school had been slated for closure but we organized successfully to get our school removed from the DCPS closure list.  Unfortunately, we would soon find out that the city had other plans.

We were told that if we moved to Parkview Elementary on a temporary basis our school would be rebuilt by the Fall of 2011.  In 2008 we moved to Parkview with the understanding that our was going to be rebuilt.  Since then, our school sat empty for 2 years and was demolished in April of 2010. 

Th city then announced that our school would not be rebuilt as scheduled, there was not enough money to move forward and instead would be replaced with an "interim use" while a "public-private partnership" could be brokered.  Shortly after the city released a Request for Proposal (RFP).  We were shocked to hear see that it included 2 development options.  (1) School and Commercial (2) Commercial only.  Yet again we were lied to and left out of the decision making process that directly impacts our children, our live and our community. 

To date the city has confirmed receipt of only one proposal to develop the property (the Neighborhood Development Company, LLC)

We have been organizing our community to attend all public hearings regarding our school, have met with Ward 1 Coujncil Member Jim Graham and have advocated for getting our promised school built in many different ways.  Yet with all of our desires to be part of the process we have been lied to and left out. 

Now more than ever we are asking for your support in our struggle to get our promised school built.  Our demands are the following:

1. Secure the money ($20.3 million) that Michelle Rhee and Vincent Gray is in the budget for rebuilding Bruce Monroe in a separate account.

2. Rebuild our School

3. As key stakeholders, Parents shold be involved directly and be part of the decision making process of getting our school rebuilt.

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