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    City of Richmond should apologize, No prejudge label for Chinese residents!

    Please read this news first:https://globalnews.ca/video/4103568/divisive-richmond-councillor The Councillor of Richmond, Harold Steves was asked to apologize by Asian residents in Richmond, for his spreading wrong information over twitter. However there were obvious attempts to label Chinese community as well. The media demonize us because we oppose the TMH project and label us as “cold blood”, “heartless”, “worried about property value”. When will the media come forward and apologies? The city of Richmond did not clarify many key questions including service Level 3. It created confusion for the residents and made our voice labeled. Therefore the city of Richmond must apologize for their disregard to Richmond residents. No one is blaming the residents of Nanaimo for being heartless when they turned down the TMH project in their neiboughood because of safety concerns. With the same safety concerns, how come we were labeled as “cold blood”, “heartless”, “worried about property value” by the media all over the place? Did they ever read about our reasons?http://nanaimonewsnow.com/article/569426/city-nanaimo-rejects-chase-river-location-7-million-supportive-housing-initiative PLEASE take a clear look as the reasons we oppose the TMH project in Richmond: 1, The same thoughts as residents of Nanaimo, the most vulnerable population in our community are children and seniors. The project never states any possible impact nor takes their safety into consideration. Therefore, we are opposed to building TMH in any community in Richmond.2, We care about homeless population and we oppose the project that waste our tax payer’s money. 5.9 Million is a huge amount of money that can help lots of organizations who are already doing great helping homeless In Richmond communities instead of 40 temporary units for 5 years. We urge the city of Richmond to communicate with the BC housing and spread the 5.9 million to current charity organizations with local experiences and reputations. From the news we know they did great and never had any safety issue.. 3, it is irresponsible to simply put all homeless people at one location. The service level 3 group clearly need more medical attention than others but we cannot see sufficient attention being provided in current Rain City managing plan. And level 1 and 2 groups are also uncomfortable sharing the same space with Level 3 group. 4, At all other shelters in Richmond, drug use is prohibited, however the TMH will not have the same rule, it will be impossibleto help the drug addicted and will have an extremely negative impact to other tenants who do not have drug problems. So please support our petition! 請先看這條新聞https://globalnews.ca/video/4103568/divisive-richmond-councillor當Richmond的議員Harold Steves在推特上發表了針對少數族裔的錯誤言論,亞裔居民要求他道歉,那我們華裔在反對TMH時,被媒體貼標簽,說我們是“冷血”,“沒有愛心”,“擔心房價”?那我們什麽時候才能獲得媒體的道歉?nanaimo社區居民因為安全問題拒絕了tmh項目,媒體並沒有說nanaimo人沒有愛心。為什麽7300社區居民以同樣理由反對tmh就被媒體冠以“冷血”,“沒有愛心”,“擔心房價”?究竟媒體有沒有真的傾聽過我們反對的理由? 因为市政府没有在28日咨询会上对关于LV3等问题进行披露,造成民众的不解,然后发出声音被媒体曲解。所以市政府必须道歉,对他们对列治文居民的漠视而道歉。 http://nanaimonewsnow.com/article/569426/city-nanaimo-rejects-chase-river-location-7-million-supportive-housing-initiative 請各位清楚仔細的看一下我們反對在Richmond修建TMH的理由:1,同Nainamo居民想法一樣,我們社會中最需要保護的是老人和兒童,他們的安全無法保證,所以我反對在我們社區修建TMH。2,我們十分關心HOMELESS,但是我們反對亂花錢的TMH項目,590萬可以幫助很多已經做得很好的機構,更好的幫助HOMELESS,而不是建5年就要搬走的40個UNIT。我們希望市政府可以與BCHousing溝通,把這些錢分發給Richmond已有的,很有經驗的幫助homeless的機構,從新聞我們都可以看到,他們做的很好而且從來沒有讓Richmond出現過安全方面的問題。3,把不同需求的HOMLESS放在一個地方是不負責任的做法,service level 3的人群需要更多的護理而目前rain city提出的方案根本無法有效的照顧他們,而其他level 1和2的homeless同樣不希望與LEVEL 3在一個環境下。4,在列治文的其他shelter,吸毒等行為都是被禁止的,在TMH裏面卻可以隨便吸毒,這不僅無法幫助他們戒掉毒癮,同時也會影響其他的不吸毒的住戶。 請大家支持我的請願書!

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    Petitioning mayorandcouncillors@richmond.ca , City of Richmond


    The City of Richmond proposed to build modular supportive housing on 7300 Elmbridge Way, Richmond. However, Only the residents of a few buildings around the planned location received notice letter from the City. This is Oval Village including about 30 high-rise/low-rise residential buildings which is around the planned location, even more have been in construction already. All the residents within five blocks should have right to get the information and provide their opinions. As well as, public hearing procedure must be conducted seriously rather than simple consultation. Dear Mayor and Councillors of City of Richmond, The residents of oval village strongly opposed to this project located on 7300 Elmbridge Way Richmond as per below reasons: Keep “parker place”, keep dogs’ paradiseThe planned location is a dog’s park called Parker Place currently. Hundreds of dogs at the neighbourhood are playing and partial living here, especially for those solitary elders. Dogs are one of our family members. Fair treatment cannot be deprived as well! Only one green park/field to the north of Westminster HwyCurrently, there are no any other green parks/fields of this area available to the north of Westminster Hwy, while the planned location is the only one here. As to this large populated neighborhood/area, the living environment is too miserable already to being grabbed the last GREEN! Not transparent enough to the publicOnly the residents of a few buildings around the planned location received notice letter from the City. This Oval Village including about 30 high-rise/low-rise residential buildings which is around the planned location, even more have been in construction already. All the residents within five blocks should have right to get the information and provide their opinions. Tight deadline for City’s arrangement of notice and meetingThe notice letter was issued on Feb 9th which was followed by Family Day. The following Friday, Feb 16th, is Lunar New Year. A lot of residents are taking vacation instead of receiving the letter at home. This tight deadline set by the City causes difficulties for the residents to respond rapidly. The proper extension is requested. Public hearing procedure must be requested and addedFor this proposed TMH project, online survey and simple consultation meeting are the only two steps being conducted by the City. No public hearing procedure is mentioned and confirmed up to now. In Canada, equal treatment and equal protection are basic rights to every one. To protect the human rights of all the residents at this large populated neighborhood/area rather than just the other side, public hearing procedure must be requested and added. Children/elders/women safety issue:Six full-time daycare centres are just 5 -10 minutes walking distance away from the planned location; Brighouse Elementary School is 10 minutes walking distance away; Richmond Kinsmen Adult Day Centre is 5 minutes walking distance away. Richmond Oval, a comprehensive gymnasium with all kinds of exercises and events, is just 5 minutes walking distance away. In any case, kids/elders/women’s safety should be the first priority consideration for the City and Councillors, especially for this large populated area.  As well as, this is a “band-aid solution” of temporary shelters in Richmond! Reasons as following: Six Months: Temporary Modular Housing is not a reasonable plan to help homeless people immediately, emergency shelters or permanent housing are. Based on the speed of Vancouver’s TMH that has already been built, approximately six months’ time is needed to complete construction, at which time winter will have already passed; the best time to help homeless people in dire need will have already been missed. Thirty People: At the end of 2017, Richmond’s homeless population was 70 people, making up 2% of the Metro Vancouver total. Vancouver’s homeless population was 2,138, or 59% of the Metro Vancouver total. Richmond settled 40 people in 2017, so the total number of people in need is below 30. Richmond has the smallest homelessness problem in Metro Vancouver, and the City has the ability to solve the problem without Temporary Modular Housing. 2458: The cost of building Temporary Modular Housing is massive, and is unreasonable from an economic standpoint. According to the Province’s budget, building 40 sets of modular housing will cost roughly 5.9M dollars. This will solve 40 homeless people’s temporary housing needs for 5 years, at an average of $2,458 per person per month, which far exceeds the rental cost of a single-bedroom unit in Richmond. Fiscally speaking, the provincial government’s decision is extremely irresponsible. 29%: Only 29% of the homeless population is truly without shelter, meaning that of Richmond’s total 70 people, only 20 truly need assistance. The City of Richmond has enough social housing to provide for them. 83%: The homeless population suffer health problems such as addiction, disease, and mental or physical disability. Temporary Modular Housing gathers the homeless population in bulk to focus management, and this not only does not solve the root problems of individual homeless people, but also creates conflict and community disputes between homeless people. This solution does not consider the basic human rights of homeless people. Sources of Above Data 2017 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver Final Report City of Vancouver Temporary Modular Housing General Factsheet RichmondNews 对列治文临建房(TMH)安置无家可归者说不 尊敬的市长先生和各位议员: 请接受我们对在7300 Elmbridge Way Richmond地址兴建无家可归者组合屋计划的强烈反对,反对理由如下:  请为狗狗们保留一片乐土这个地址现在是一个小狗公园,叫做“Parker Place”。是这个人口密集的大型社区所有住户狗只活动和生活的重要和唯一的场所,特别是对那些独居老人和他们的陪伴狗只而言。狗狗早已经是我们的家庭成员之一, 也需要被政府和大众公平对待。 Westminster Hwy以北的唯一一方绿地目前在这个大型社区范围内,Westminster Hwy以北,这是唯一的一小片绿地。难道在这个钢筋水泥丛林里的唯一一点绿色也要被政府剥夺吗? 公众需要充分的知情权和决策权目前仅有一小部分该计划项目附近的住户收到了政府的通知信。这个大型的Oval社区有30栋左右的高层或低层公寓,还有更多的在建公寓。所有在五个街区范围内的居民都应该有权力收到政府的通知信并提出他们的意见。而且,全民的公听程序也必须在项目正式批准或否决前进行,而不是简单的咨询会。 公众应有充分时间进行投票与决策政府在2月9日签发通知信,而2月11日即是公众假期Family Day。 同时2月16日又是传统的农历新年。区域内很多的住户外出度假并没有及时收到政府的的通知信。这么紧迫的时间设置给公众反馈造成困难。我们要求适当的延期。 全民的公听会必须加入审批程序对该计划项目,政府仅仅进行了网上意见征询和简单的咨询会。到目前为止,没有任何公听程序被确认。在加拿大,全民人权是平等的。从保护整个社区居民的人权而言,我们要求增加公听会程序参与项目决策。 儿童/老人/妇女的安全问题这个大型社区周边5-10分钟走路路程内有六个幼儿园,一个小学,一个老人院,和列志文速滑馆(现在已是大型综合体育馆,经常举办各类体育活动和赛事)。无论如何,儿童/老人/妇女的安全问题是政府和议员们需要考虑的首要因素和重中之重。  同时,避难屋是政府的懒政,“治标不治本”,因为: 6个月:临建房不是当前救助无家可归人士的合理方案,紧急临时避难所或永久住宅才是一个合理的方案。按照已经开始温哥华临建房的搭建速度,大约需要六个月才能完成搭建,届时冬天已经过去,急需救助的无家可归已经失去了救助的最佳时间了。 30人: 截止2017年底列治文无家可归人士总的人口为70人,占大温地区2%,温哥华2138人,占大温地区59%。列治文2017年已经安置了40人,总需求的人口低于30人。列治文是大温无家可归问题最轻的城市, 城市有能力不借助临建房解决问题。 2458:修建临建房的成本巨大,经济上不合理。按照省政府的预算,40套组合房屋的建筑预算约590万加币,解决40位无家可归人士5年临时住宿的需求,平均每人每月2458加币,远远超过列治文一房单位的租金。省政府的决定在财务管理上是严重不负责任的。 29%:无家可归中只有29%真正无家可归,按照列治文70个总数,只有20人真正需要救助。列治文市政府有足够的廉租房可以提供。 83%:无家可归有成瘾、疾病、精神或身体残疾等健康问题。临建房集合了大多数的无家可归集中管理,即没有解决单一无家可归救助的根本问题,也造成无家可归之间的矛盾和社区纠纷,没有考虑到无家可归人士的基本人权。 以上数据来源 2017大温地区无家可归人士统计最终版 温哥华市政府临建房政策 RichmondNews

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