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    Protect Your Family from Smog in California

    California’s smog is the worst in America. It impacts your health every day — it’s harming your community as we speak. The air, dirty and polluted, can leave residents literally gasping for breath, with dangerous contamination levels causing damage to your lungs, eyes and skin. Kids, who should be able to play sports outside, are now forced indoors on high-pollution days. And smog can lead to asthma and chronic lung issues. In fact, the number of Californians struggling with respiratory disorders continues to increase — by upwards of 75 percent since 1980 —  which puts adults and children alike at risk. Our elected officials have worked hard and made strides in recent years to get us up to par: California has been aggressive about adopting cleaner, alternative energy sources. The state has also cut greenhouse emissions. And they’ve set aggressive pollution reduction standards. But we still have a long way to go. As we continue to face the effects of pollution, we need to be aware of what we're up against so we can keep our families healthy. Learn more about which California cities are most polluted so you can take action. Sign our petition, and we’ll email you with the facts you need to know, as well as information on how you can protect your loved ones.

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    Organ Donation Saves Lives, like Jim Steeb's

    During a morning workout on June 26, 2013, Jim Steeb -- a 53-year old runner, avid exerciser, and father, dropped to his hands and knees next to his wife Michele. Jim -- healthy, fit, active -- never imagined he was having a heart attack. And just one month later, Jim suffered a second heart attack. A team of doctors quickly determined that without a heart transplant, Jim wouldn’t survive.   Jim joined the organ transplant waiting list, alongside more than 123,000 Americans -- including 22,000 Californians, and prayed every day for a donor. Jim knew that if he didn’t receive a new heart soon, he would be one of the 21 patients who die every day waiting for an organ transplant. Thanks to the selfless choice of one generous donor, Jim was one of the lucky ones. After two months on the transplant list, Jim got a new heart from a woman he’d never met, but who gave him the greatest gift he’d ever receive — a new chance at life with his wife, daughter, family, and friends. Jim’s donor was just 48 years old, and while he didn’t know her, he hopes her family knows that she gave him and his family the most incredible gift imaginable. It takes less than 3 minutes to become a registered organ donor -- and potentially save a life. Pledge to become an organ donor today.

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