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Orange Networking's (ON) main goal is to foster equal access to the Internet so that all people may benefit from the use of digital communication tools. ON shall provide support to people who live or work in Orange County, North Carolina in the use of open, safe, and accessible computer networks. It shall deliver training so people can use and maintain open wireless networks. It will work to promote public networks and the creation of connections to the Internet via wireless and other future similar technologies.

There are four areas of focus on which ON will concentrate:

Advocacy, Wireless networks, Technology support, and Technology education.

ON will act as an advocate for the people of Orange County on complicated technology issues. We will stay in touch with their needs and look into the future for new technology resources that can help them. We will work with local county and town governments to serve people in the area of digital inclusion and equal access.

ON will promote the creation of community wireless networks that are intelligently designed and community-focused. We believe community wireless networks should exist to bring equal access to underserved people by sharing the power of the Internet, computer hardware, and software. The systems must be open, safe, and secure for all to use. Closed, restricted, or filtered networks do not serve everyone equally.

ON will provide technical support for community wireless networks. We'll also provide web services including online knowledge bases, tutorials, how-tos, and security services. The majority of the street level support will be done by community members. We shall conduct support training so adults and teens can provide technology support for their own communities. We'll support the supporters by acting as a community employer, mentor, and community digital tool shed--a place where hardware and software can be obtained to serve the community.

ON will conduct regular public training on construction, support, and maintenance of community wireless networks. The purpose is to increase the number of community technology experts. The more people who know tech the more support will be available.

Information wants to be free. Information openness will serve us all more successfully and less expensively. More informed community members serve us all.

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