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FWC: Change Your Bear Killing Policy

FWC Change Your "Aggressive Bear" Killing Policy Under the current FWC policy, any bear that acts aggressively is killed. This policy does not take into account the circumstances that cause bears to act aggressively. In recent news a woman in Longwood, FL let her dog outside off-leash at night. The dog spotted a mother bear with cubs and started barking at the bears. The woman tried to run back to her house, which caused the bear to chase after her. She tripped and fell and hit her head. The bear bit her ankle. The mother bear perceived the dog and woman as a threat and as a warning bit, the woman and retreated. This incident could have been prevented had the Longwood community been properly storing their trash the main culprit in almost all bear-human conflicts. Also, dogs should be leashed, and if you live in bear country, you must canvass the area before taking your dog out and never run from a bear. We need to hold the FWC accountable for enforcing the standards and laws put into place to protect both humans and bears. In cases where bear attacks occur due to human negligence. A new policy must be implemented that holds humans accountable for their actions. Bears should not be killed for defending themselves or their cubs. Contact the FWC Commissioners and ask that a policy change be made that protects bears from being killed as a result of human error or carelessness.…/fwc-staff/senior-staff/commissioners/

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Subaru Don't Destroy Florida Wetlands For New Dealership

As the owner of several Subaru vehicles and the founder of a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of animals, humans, and the environment, I was shocked to learn that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on the Wekiva River located in Florida. I have personally owned a 2000 RS Impreza, 02 bug-eye WRX, and my current car is a 08 STI wagon that has a custom-built IAG stage 2 short block. I have a close relationship with my local dealer. Several of the mechanics are good friends of mine, and when I go to the Subi dealership on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, it feels more like family then your standard car dealership.  I have supported Subaru over the years due impart to its environmental stance and sustainability practices. That is why I am sad to hear that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on 71 acres of Protected Wetlands clear-cutting at least 44 acres of precious forest that is home to a vast array of plants and wildlife. I have driven my Subaru into many of Florida's forests, and wetlands. I have seen first hand the devastating effects of deforestation.  I have always believed that Subaru cared about this planet. I thought I was supporting a company that placed the planet over profit and found value in safeguarding its natural resources. If you follow through with your proposal, you are not whom I thought you to be.  I ask you Subaru to stand behind your ecologically sound practices and help protect, not destroy one of the few natural spaces left in Florida.  Sincerely, Adam Sugalski—Executive Director at OneProtest  #SaveItSubaru #PlanetOverProfit

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End Shark Fishing at Venice Pier!

This Petition Is In Support Of Venice's Proposal To Ban Shark Fishing! Florida: Venice City Council Members are moving forward with a proposal to ban shark fishing from their newly renovated pier and city beaches. Shark fishing has caused much controversy over the years, and in light of the FWC’s new rules regarding shore-based shark fishing, the city of Venice sees this as an opportune time to ban shark fishing from their city altogether. We applaud the Mayor and Council Members for taking a proactive approach to the safety and security of beachgoers and sharks alike. Shark fishing is the antithesis of wildlife conservation. It is void of any regard for the life of the shark, fishermen, or the beachgoers that are negatively affected by the actions of this extraneous “sport.” Why ban shark fishing? Shark populations are declining worldwide largely due impart to recreational fishing. Sharks are vital in keeping our underwater ecosystems healthy and balanced. Shark fishers and beachgoers are two incompatible groups. Shark fishing attracts sharks that are in the area and looking to feed. Sharks and humans prefer the same nearshore areas, and most attacks occur in shallow water. A large number of sharks die as a result of post-release stress.    

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Petitioning Robert Spottswood, Sonya Rood, Michael Sole, Gary Nicklaus, Joshua Kellam, Gary Lester

FWC: Rescind Permits Granted To SeaQuest

SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium that operates under the guise of education. Visitors are granted an opportunity to touch and view wildlife in small confined enclosures. SeaQuest has a track record of poorly run establishments. Hundreds of animals have perished as a result of SeaQuest’s negligence, and a number of people have reported injuries due to their contact with wildlife at SeaQuest. SeaQuest is owned and operated by Vince Covino who owns multiple aquariums across the country, all of which have an extensive history of animal welfare offenses, public safety violations, and the illegal importation of animals without proper permits. Vince Covino has obtained permits from the FWC and is in the process of securing additional permits needed to open a SeaQuest inside the Galleria Mall, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The FWC is entrusted with protecting Florida’s wildlife and ensuring the public remains safe, SeaQuest defies these basic principles. Vince Covino's blatant disregard for the wellbeing of wildlife in his care is criminal and supporting the egregious acts he commits goes against the core of what the FWC stands for. The Covinos operate as if they are above the law and should not be rewarded with permits to conduct business as usual. We, the undersigned, support the revocation of permits granted to SeaQuest (Vince Covino) by the FWC. Additionally, we request that further permits be denied on the premise that Vince Covino exploits, and neglects animals for profit and has family ties with convicted animal trafficker (Ammon Covino), who even after a year in Federal Prison continued to break the law and violate his parole. For more information visit:  

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