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    Are they cleaning or Inhaling dust?

    How do you feel when you're surrounded by filth and dust while taking a morning walk? Not right. Won't you feel suffocated? - Definitely. If we can't bear the dust for a short while, think of those who spend day in and out in cleaning the dust and filth on the roads. Hours and hours, kilometers and kilometers, they clean and that's like 24/7 JOB for them. Ideally, Job enables a common man sustainability and stability in life. But unfortunately, this Job doesn’t enable them for the same. Our research has left us with surprising stories of people in these jobs cleaning lanes/ streets stretching over 2-3 kms everyday. Typically each day starts around 5 a.m and ends around 7 a.m. Human Street sweepers play a very important role in promoting hygienic environment while they themselves are surrounded with dirt and diseases. With average compensation staggering below 10k and with current pollution level, their job makes them vulnerable because of their certain occupational hazards. They're constantly exposed to fine particles, commonly referred to as particulate matter(PM), ranges from PM 2.5 to 10 which are extremely harmful for human beings. When inhaled over a long period it can cause medical conditions such as skin and heart diseases and even lung cancer. With low income and no Medical benefit available as they are hired on contract basis, their life has become everyday struggle. Sadly, 1.2K workers are prone to these infections in the year 2015-2016. It is an appeal to the Govt of Telangana to look into the matter as many lives are at stake. As part of what could be done, Periodic Health Checkup camps Entitlement to basic benefits which should include Health Coverage, Medical allowances. Changes in Supplies - Sweeping Boots An air purifier mask

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