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Our mission is to create a global initiative in conservation for exotic and endangered species by working from all corners of the world to promote education and awareness for adults and children in the interactive world, the classroom, and on the ground. We will promote conservation efforts in the regions most effected by poaching, environmental degradation, human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade in endangered species, and can hunting of exotics. We will work with all governmental agencies around the world to improve laws, or in some cases help to create laws, to protect and provide a better standard of care for exotics and endangered species held in captivity.

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Support new law to end abusive practices on elephants

Delegate Sam Rasoul has introduced a bill to ban the use of devices such as a bullhook, axe handle, or block and tackle or the performance of certain practices in order to discipline, train, or control the behavior of an elephant in the State of Virginia. Cities across the nation are banning the use of bullhooks. Countries outside of the United States have banned entire circuses because of the cruelty involved in training and maintaining the animals. It’s time that the United States follow suit. The passing of this bill would mark Virginia as the first state in the US to implement a law that would protect elephants from physical harm and make such abuse a criminal act. The passing of HB 302 would set precedence for other states to fall in line as well. As home of Asha the solitary elephant at the Natural Bridge Zoo, ranked the #1 Worst Zoo for Elephants due to substandard living conditions and alleged bullhook use, as well as multiple USDA citations, Virginia stands ready for change. Elephants are capable of suffering from physical and emotional pain. To treat elephants in a manner which inflicts both physical suffering and psychological suffering is inhumane. Support the passing of HB 302.

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5,528 supporters