National Wildlife Humane Society

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National Wildlife Humane Society (NWHS) is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization working to preserve and protect threatened and endangered species by providing programs and places.

Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary is a place for animals to live in comfort and humane caregiving. Top Of The Rock has been caring for specialized non-native wildlife since 1990. Top Of The Rock is a No Buy, No Sell, No Breed, No Exhibit sanctuary. The wildlife residents at our facility are not utilized for any commercial agenda whatsoever.

We also endeavor to interface with other wildlife conservation organizations and governmental bodies, in the interest of non-captive wildlife.
Our goal is to share our vision of a world where wildlife (and all animals) are respected as fellow life forms and receive the respect that is due them. Our plans are to distribute information and current news concerning wildlife to concerned humans. We would also like to expand on our physical sanctuary facility to provide rescue, refuge and comfort to wildlife requiring homes.

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