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Petitioning Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Do Not 'Honour' Stringfellow

Whilst we appreciate that friends and family of the late Peter Stringfellow mourn their loss, we feel it would be wholly inappropriate to honour Stringfellow in the Sheffield ‘WALK OF FAME' alongside local greats such as Gordon Banks, Sean Bean, Michael Palin, Helen Sharman and Jessica Ennis. Stringfellow is synonymous with the total glamorisation of the strip industry, as countless press obituaries have been quick to point out. What they were less quick to point out, however, is that this industry is actually synonymous with the abuse of women - harassment, intimidation and assault of performers is rife within clubs; women are harassed outside clubs and they fuel a 'President’s Club' culture in wider society:  More Here This has been underlined by TWO COURT CASES, ironically, taken against Sheffield City Council, that show strip clubs breach equality law because they go hand-in-hand with the harassment, discrimination and victimisation of women.   On top of this, Stringfellow himself went to court THREE TIMES to make sure lap dancers have absolutely NO EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS. Is THIS how a local boy 'makes good'?   Honouring a man synonymous with the strip trade is honouring the epitomy of sexism, misogyny and male sexual entitlement. It says to all that Sheffield endorses the harm which goes hand-in-hand with this branch of the sex industry.   We therefore call upon Sheffield Council not to add Stringfellow to its 'Walk of Fame'  

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Petitioning Jacqueline Gold

Ann Summers Dump Pornhub

Ann Summers has teamed up with Pornhub for a 'fun range of sex toys'. But did you know that Pornhub, the world's largest porn site, is simply a portal for filmed sexual abuse? Researchers have exposed the fact that a staggering 90% or more of mainstream pornography now shows women being violated. “Broken Teens Channel” (Pornhub 76 million video views) This includes violent sex often by gangs of men, while they spit on, strangle, hit and humiliate the woman they are abusing. It is about millions of teenage girls crying and screaming in pain while they are abused on a daily basis. Or worse. If there were no camera, the men doing this would be jailed for GBH, assault and rape. In fact the mere titles are so disturbing that we can only post the very tamest here. “How to Sexually Harass Your Secretary Properly” (Pornhub 10.6 million views) And yet apparently the abuse is not enough, added titillation appears to be needed which is presumably why videos for incest are the most popular (with entire channels devoted to it), closely followed by sexual harassment (including "real life up skirting" and school girls being “ambushed”, the code word for 'raped' on public transport).  Pseudo child porn and, we believe, actual child abuse also get millions of views. And then there is the dark, dark world of torture porn and mutilations.  All of this freely available, without even being asked your age, on Pornhub. “Exploited Teen Asia Channel” (236 million views – victims appear to be very underage little girls)  If you do not know what modern day porn is you will think we are exaggerating and this is just a few that have slipped through the net. But sadly we are not.   And it’s not just about millions of women being abused in these videos, it means millions of men then copying that abuse in their real-life relationships. With 10 million women in the UK experience male violence, 1 in 3 school girls harassed at school, 1 in 20 women stalked (and yes, there’s a porn for that too). With men increasingly expecting painful anal sex and to hit or strangle their partners how can we ever think it will be TIMES UP for mere sexual harassment until it’s TIMES UP for porn?   And how can the CEO of Ann Summers -  an outspoken survivor of childhood sexual abuse, with an underage daughter and Vice President of a leading Children’s Charity – be ‘in bed’ with the largest supplier of filmed sexual abuse on the planet? Make sure she knows WHAT porn is and tell her to dump it now! And find out more here:  

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Petitioning George Osborne,

Dear George, Scrap the Sex Ads from the Evening Standard

Dear Mr Osborne Please Scrap the Sex Ads from the ES Congratulations on your recent appointment as editor of the Evening Standard. As a former Cabinet Member you are no doubt aware of the Government’s battle to reduce the relentless exposure of children to the porn and sex industry (eg via internet opt-in or age verification).  As a dad, I am sure you fully support this.   That is why we are asking you to scrap the sex chat and prostitution ads from your paper. And work to persuade other editors to follow guidelines already issued by the police to scrap the sex ads from our Great British press.   More than 33% of 8-9 years read newspapers, rising to nearly 50% for older children. 70% of kids say they have access to a newspaper with 50% of boys say newspapers are their preferred reading material : [Warning: contains newspaper contents, offensive].   Children will not be reading the FT! They will be reading the accessible format of papers like the ES. Given this has one of the highest London distributions of any newspaper, a vast number of children are likely to be seeing and reading the ES.   It is surely an issue of child protection to expose them to ‘Sex Chat’ ads let alone ads for prostitution (‘Chat or Date’). Sadly, it cannot even be argued that ‘children won’t understand the ads’ as even quite young children are now so ‘porn savvy’ that they will know exactly what these ads are for. Older boys might well be tempted to call for a ‘date’.   Furthermore, for over half a decade, The Metropolitan Police have urged newspapers to stop advertising the sex trade because of the links with trafficking, coercion and other illegal activities not to mention the general harm associated with the sex trade.   And with attitudes towards women so bad that 10 million women in the UK alone experience male violence, surely we should stop anything that promotes these harmful attitudes? If a newspaper is promoting the porn and sex trade what does that say about what women are for and men’s right to women? It says prostitution is so normal and acceptable that it can even be proferred on the tube on the way home from work .. or school.   Removing these ads would certainly prove popular, Not Buying It's straw poll showed that 97% of the public (over 150 votes) want the sex ads out.  Thank you for your time and please scrap the ads (just meet with Not Buying It if you still have any doubts!)

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Petitioning Our MPs

Stop Selling Sexism

10% of pre-teen kids addicted to Porn (NSPCC)90% of mainstream Porn shows Violence against Women90% Women in Prostitution want to Get Out   We call on: Newspaper Editors to stop making money by advertising porn and prostitution The ASA to stop allowing ads for porn, sex chat and prostitution in our newspapers or on non-restricted sites on line. Our MPs to take measures to ensure The Sport is sold on the top shelf only and take action on the relentless objectification of women and girls by the British media and popular culture which flies in the face of all policies on reducing violence against women and girls and presents a serious issue of child protection. #HarveyWeinstein Retail Regulators like the NFRN (National Federation of Newsagents) to issue new guidelines to retailers to sell The Sport on the top shelf only.   The Metropolitan Police to re-launch their initiative calling on all newspapers to stop publishing sex/porn ads because of the harm of these industries and their inextricable links with coercion and trafficking. In addition to view this as a matter of child protection.   The London Mayor and Transport for London to tell ES and METRO to stop advertising sex chat and prostitution or lose their huge distribution network on London's Transport system.   George Osborn of The ES to stop promoting Sex Chat and 'Chat or Date' (aka prostitution).   David Sullivan, owner of both The Sport and West Ham Football Club – to promote family sport (football) not women as sport (The Sport).

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