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The NC Conservation Network supports, trains and coordinates diverse groups and directly advocates to achieve equitable and sustainable solutions for our environment.

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Petitioning Consumer Product Safety Commission

Ban Toxic Flame Retardants

Flame retardant chemicals (like organohalgen) are a toxic nightmare. These chemicals have been linked with severe health impacts, including reproductive impairment, decreased IQ in children, cancer, and immune disorders. Even more unsettling: children’s products are more likely to contain these toxic chemicals. The good news, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) can protect our families from these toxic flame retardants. Add your name to the petition and join firefighters, pediatricians, and scientists who are urging the CPSC to ban the sale of toxic flame retardants from children's products, furniture, mattresses, and household electronics.

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Petitioning Governor McCrory

Governor McCrory: Why are you choosing to protect polluters over North Carolinians?

Governor Pat McCrory has signed what’s been called the “Polluter Protection Act” into law. Help us tell Gov. McCrory that signing this bill was just plain wrong! Late on a Friday, when politicians often reveal information that they hope won’t be covered in the next day’s news, Governor McCrory announced that he’d signed House Bill 765. The bill “will result in more environmental damage than any bill passed in recent memory: air quality monitors will be dismantled, streams that ensure clean drinking water will be destroyed without mitigation, more polluted runoff will be allowed into coastal waters, and polluters will be allowed to regulate themselves through audits and hide information from the public.”The Governor wanted to quietly sign this terrible legislation into law, but we won’t let that happen. Help us show him that the public knows he sided with polluters over the people of North Carolina. Tell him North Carolinians want clean air and water, not more gifts to polluters.

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