No to Silvertown Tunnel

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Campaigning against the Mayor of London's plans for a road tunnel between Greenwich and the Royal Docks.

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Petitioning Sadiq Khan

Withdraw the Silvertown Tunnel from planning and review TfL's river crossings programme

We are deeply concerned by the threat of congestion and pollution from the Silvertown Tunnel, a road tunnel proposed by ex-mayor Boris Johnson, which would run from the Royal Docks to Greenwich Peninsula. We are asking the new mayor, Sadiq Khan, to: - Show us he is serious about his commitment to tackle pollution and congestion by withdrawing the Silvertown Tunnel proposal from the planning system immediately. - Fully review the Silvertown Tunnel - taking into account all views, not just Transport for London's flawed modelling - and other crossing schemes planned east of Tower Bridge. We have little confidence in the transport and pollution modelling carried out by TfL to support the Silvertown Tunnel scheme, and reject its recent assertions that building this new road will not cause a significant increase in traffic. After recent revelations about Boris Johnson covering up the effects of air pollution on London’s primary schools, the need for a review into this scheme is now even more urgent. Everybody knows that congestion at the Blackwall Tunnel is a problem. But loading more traffic onto its southern approach and sending new traffic through Canning Town, Silvertown and Poplar will merely exacerbate congestion in the wider area. The Silvertown Tunnel will cost TfL £107m before construction even starts, at a time when the new mayor is looking for it to cut its costs. This proposal needs a full review, and that can only be carried out if it is taken out of the planning system. For more information, visit

No to Silvertown Tunnel
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Petitioning Boris Johnson

Attend the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on air pollution

Air pollution's a problem across London, and the main culprit is vehicle emissions. City Hall won't acknowledge this is a problem - and wants to make it worse with a new road which will only generate new traffic.  We're Londoners worried by these plans to build a new road tunnel under the Thames between Greenwich and the Royal Docks. We already have to live with horrifying levels of air pollution. Some of us grew up with it, others are bringing up children with this filthy air. We've done our own "citizen science" studies which show levels of air pollution of up to two and a half time the EU legal limits along the A102, A2, A20 and A205. MPs are concerned, and the Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry. Yet Mayor Johnson is refusing to attend despite being invited. If you think he should stop hiding and explain his lack of action on air pollution, please sign our petition.  

No to Silvertown Tunnel
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