No! More Page 3 coalition

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We support the right of all people to be published in the press, and to give insightful comment, even if those people are women, wearing briefs. We believe that this is both a matter of free speech, and a matter of female empowerment. Why should women be silenced from the pages which they use as their platform for insightful comment, solely because they choose to do so topless? Is this an equality issue! Yes it is. We believe that all people, no matter what the race, creed, colour of their skin, ought to be able to have a place, a platform, upon which to make insightful comment! It is gross hypocrisy (and very anti-feminist) to try and silence women, who since 1970 have been gracing the pages of our beloved page 3, by insisting that they conform to a restrictive, top down, dress code, rather than being able to be free with their female form! To those protesters who say No More Page 3, we say "No! More page three"

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