No More Abuse in Porn

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    Equality for Adult Entertainment in Payment Processing

    A normal business gets around 3% taken from them for payment processing.....the adult entertainment industry gets around 11% taken from them. In 2002 the adult entertainment industry was deemed a “high risk” industry by Visa and MasterCard. This was allegedly due to the high number of chargebacks faced by our industry. Not only do we have an extra 7%+ taken from us, we also have to pay exorbiant monthly fees when using their services as well In addition to this, adult entertainers are also responsible when a chargeback is done on their onIyfans account. If they are taking an extra 7% for chargebacks, then why are we ALSO financially responsible when the chargeback takes place? Where is that extra 7% going? Who is it going to? Are we really going to allow some of the people who struggle the most in society, to be taken advantage of like this by such HUGE corporations? The adult entertainment industry already faces SO MUCH discrimination, and this is just one example of how institutionalized it is.  We ask you to sign this petition to show people that you support the adult entertainment industry being treated equally by payment processors. This petition will be used in the future when taking with the people in charge at these corporations, OR when speaking with politicians so that we can have equal protections under the law.  We ask you to share this so that people are educated about what is going on.  Everything is appreciated. Thank you.   

    No More Abuse in Porn
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    Petitioning Mindgeek Owners, Porn consumers, porn performers

    We Ask Pornhub to Only Allow Porn from Verified Profiles & Revamp Verification Process

    Pornhub and it’s sister sites, redtube and youporn were started off the backs of stolen pornography. The fact of the matter is, that tube sites completely decimated the amount of revenue generated from the pornography industry over the past 15+ years. Recently pornhub introduced a verified model program which finally gave us performers and producers the ability to make money off our illegally uploaded content, instead of sending out a never ending stream of DCMAs. However, if pornhub wants to be accepted by the mainstream media, and wants the respect of the adult entertainment industry, it needs to stop allowing our porn to be uploaded to their website without our consent. They currently have THOUSANDS of verified model accounts on their website, each with a plethora of FREE videos. I personally have OVER 200 FREE videos on pornhub. I cannot see any justification for them to continue the practice of allowing pornography to be uploaded to their website by anyone but the creators of the videos themselves. Any pornography that has been uploaded without the express consent of the people who created it, should not be on these websites. We have also seen evidence of abuse being uploaded to pornhub that retraumatizes victims, and we hope this would drastically reduce the number of videos like this uploaded. There are currently organizations actively working towards shutting pornhub and their sister sites down completely. This is just their plan to get their foot in the door so that ALL pornography is banned. Think backpage, but for all porn sites. We have to self-regulate if we do not want the government stepping in to do it for us.  The only way we can do better as an industry, is if we do different things. We can do better, we just need to try.   

    No More Abuse in Porn
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