NJ Safe Ratios

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For 11 years legislatures in NJ have met with nurses and nurses unions to discuss safe staffing, but never were able to pass a bill. The most recent bill Senate Bill 1280 was brought up to Senate on 2/8/2016, but Senator Vitale didn't feel there was enough support for a hearing. This bill has sat, with little advocacy. This is a comprehensive bill that would provide safe staffing. While nurses unions have been successful in bringing the needs of our patients to the attention of our lawmakers, that has not been enough to convince elected officials that our patients' safety and their lives are worth having a staffing bill. This bill and every previous bill has been opposed by the NJHA and their partner the ONL-NJ. Evidence proves the relationship between unsafe staffing and mortality. Isn't it time for the heath committee to start listening to the people most impacted by unsafe staffing? This petition is to tell Senate that we want a comprehensive bill, S1280 to be passed to protect patients in NJ and the Nurses that care for them. Senator Vitale we support this bill.

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