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    Open Letter to Young Voters

    Voter, Right now, you determine Donald Trump’s fate. The power lies in your vote. Stand Up to Trump’s Antiquated Politics Who we elect to the White House—and the Senate and every elected-position— matters. Trump is supported by white supremacists and wants to ban Muslims from entering America. That is not what our generation’s vision of America looks like. Commit to Vote Against Trump Younger voters have the power to stop Trump. But only if we vote.

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    Fixing Climate Change Made Simple

    Saving the EPA means stopping Donald Trump. It’s as simple as that. What you can do to save the EPA and stop climate change is even simpler. Vote to Stop Trump, Vote for a Clean Planet Donald Trump doesn’t know how important the EPA is for our future. Ensuring that the EPA is well-funded means a livable environment and a healthy future. Trump doesn’t care about our future the way we care. Stand Up to Trump, Commit to be a Climate Action Voter Climate Action Voters prioritize fighting climate change and are forcing politicians to address the threat. Donald Trump announced his “environmental plan” in a room filled with Big Oil executives. Simply put: he’s a Climate Action Voter’s worst nightmare and needs to be stopped. Be Different Than Trump, Be an Climate Voter

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    30 Seconds to Fight Climate Change

    Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. It’s here, it’s real, and its impact will grow more devastating if we do nothing. Fortunately, fighting climate change has never been easier. Pledge to Become a Climate Action Voter Who we elect to the White House and the Senate matters. This is especially true when it comes to fighting climate change. The future of the Clean Power Plan, the Supreme Court, oil and gas drilling leases on public lands, and much much more is at stake this November. Thirty Seconds Could Change the Politics of Climate If climate action voters turn out in record numbers, our power will eclipse that of the fossil fuel industry and their GOP cronies. The climate loses if we don’t vote. Trump wins if we don’t vote. Politicians ignore us if we don’t vote. Take the First Step—Commit to the Climate; Commit to Vote

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