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Rename the Adult Alert system to the Kelley Alert

HB 1769 - ADULT ALERTEMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM After the tragic murder of D’Lisa Kelley in 2014,childhood friend Minister Dominique Alexanderstepped up to assist the Kelley family in gettingthe answers they needed. They wanted to know 3things, what happened to D’Lisa Kelley, what couldhave been done differently to preserve her life, andhow victims in the future could be better served.During conversations with Dallas Police SergeantWillie Ford, the gap in the Texas Missing PersonsClearinghouse for adults ages 18-64 was revealed.From this point, Minister Alexander along withReverend Ronald Wright birthed the idea of an alertsystem for missing adults. It would be called theKelley Alert in memory of D’Lisa Kelley.Alexander approached State Representative ToniRose with the proposed bill who immediately tookthe proposal under her wing pushing it through the84th, 85th, and 86th State Legislature. In the 86th State Legislature, HB 1769 was passedin both chambers paving the way for a statewideadult missing alert system.D’Lisa Kelley’s murder remains unsolved leaving herfamily with the turmoil of knowing that the personresponsible for her untimely demise is still free. D”Lisa Kelley’s case was a tragedy but she is notalone. This bill gives voice to the families of manyvictims such as: This bill was signed into law on May 25, 2019 by Governor Greg Abbott  Help us by signing this petition asking the Texas Department of Public Safety to name the Adult Alert system in honor of D'Lisa Kelley by naming it the Kelley Alert. SUPPORT THE KELLEYALERT TODAYTEXT: KELLEY ALERT - 555888

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Petitioning Greg Abbott

Pardon Black Woman Imprisoned for Voting

Crystal hadn’t originally planned to vote in the 2016 presidential elections, but after her mother reminded her how important it was, she decided to do so to set a good example for her children. For that, she is now facing 5 years or more in prison. Sign the petition to call on Texas Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal for the “crime” of voting. Because Crystal previously spent time in prison for tax fraud, she had been unknowingly stripped by the state of Texas of her voting rights, and her innocent attempt to submit a ballot as an ineligible voter was actually a felony. Meanwhile, a white judge in a nearby city who recently plead guilty to forging multiple signatures to help himself get re-elected was only sentenced to probation. But a black mother of three is being sent to prison for years because she tried once to vote while ineligible. Crystal was simply trying to do her civic duty in a state where African-Americans and people of color face serious barriers to voting. It’s no coincidence that only 6% of the population of her city voted in the last midterm elections. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that Crystal’s children now say they will never vote. What kind of message are we sending to our children that they should be afraid to vote in the country they contribute to? Donate to Crystal Mason today: Please join me in calling on Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal and release her back to her family.

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