New York State Immigrant Action

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The Action Fund will: 1. Monitor and advocate for or against laws, policies and regulatory & legislative issues as they affect immigrant communities; 2. Inform and communicate with elected officials, policy makers and the general public to support fair and humane immigration legislation, policies and regulations at the national, state and local levels; 3. Build and mobilize a broad base of civic participants to defend the rights and benefits of immigrants; 4. Disseminate information and take action to address the needs and problems confronting immigrant communities; and Now more than ever, there is a crying need for movement building to unify a base of supporters for social and economic justice in America. Advocating for humane immigration policies is a critical component of such movement-building, especially in light of virulent hate speech, mean-spirited legislation, politically charged efforts to exploit and scapegoat immigrants, and cynically using immigration as a “wedge issue.” The New York State Immigrant Action Fund has core values of unity, diversity, and inclusion. It will promote broad civic participation and democracy, creating a positive message about immigrants and humane immigration policies. The Action Fund will educate and engage diverse communities in effective action.

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