New Foundations Home Education

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Our Objectives • Tailor a range of learning and development opportunities to enable home educated children to reach their potential. • Promote social inclusion through programmes and activities that are child led and responsive to children’s individual needs. • Develop a structured and progressive volunteer programme. • Produce a monthly Home Education Wales newsletter. • Explore opportunities for social business and income generation. • Ensure financial management systems are in place to find and manage the funds for our services. • Maintain and develop strong working partnerships with parents, social partners and service users to widen access to our resources. • Ensure sufficient and skilled people are in place to meet requirements of our best practice frameworks. • To support and encourage active participation by local home educating families and children on relevant bodies and campaigns. • To facilitate discussion with home educating families and children on equality and rights issues. • To monitor our practice to ensure it is value based. • To share relevant information and make it accessible. • To promote interaction with local communities and to improve information and widen understanding of home educators and their children. This set of values is applied to all activities undertaken by the group.

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