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The NGA is a membership organization of guestworkers fighting to ensure that:

1) Guestworkers have the power to transform their workplaces from exploitative to dignified—and have the consciousness and organization to do this in partnership with local workers locked out of employment.

2) Guestworkers have the power to transform the terms of migration, so that workers can arrive to the United States on a path to first-class citizenship.

3) Guestworkers are protagonists in a vibrant social movement to expand the right to organize for all excluded workers, reversing a long legacy of retaliation against workers of color who organize to win dignity and freedom.

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Walmart: Stop Profiting from Forced Labor in Louisiana

My name is Ana Rosa Diaz. I'm 40 years old and I have four children. I came to the United States on an H-2B guestworker visa from my home in Tamaulipas, Mexico. I work in a small town in Louisiana with other guestworkers, peeling crawfish for a company called C.J.’s Seafood, which sells 85% of its products to Walmart. Our boss forces us to work up to 24 hours at a time with no overtime pay. No matter how fast we work, they scream and curse at us to make us work faster. Our supervisor threatens to beat us with a shovel to stop us from taking breaks. We live in trailers across from the boss's house, and we’re under surveillance all the time. The supervisors come into our trailers without warning, and they threaten to fire us if we leave after 9 p.m. The supervisor also locked us in the plant so we couldn’t take breaks. One worker called 911. After that the boss rounded us up at 2:30 a.m., closed the door to keep the American employees out, and threatened our families. He said, “As a friend I can be very good, but you don’t want to know me as an enemy. I have contacts with good people and bad people, and I know where all your families live. I can find you no matter where you hide.” We were terrified.  We want to work. We need to support our families. But we also want to be treated like human beings. We joined the National Guestworker Alliance and decided to go on strike. The boss refused to take back his threats against our families, so we filed complaints with the Department of Labor. And now we’re taking our demands to Walmart. Walmart says it doesn't allow forced labor by any of its suppliers. But Walmart is profiting from the forced labor we lived through right here in Louisiana. And now they're trying to cover up what happened to us -- while three federal investigations are going on -- and they're refusing to speak with us. Walmart needs to meet with us immediately, and to show its suppliers that it won't tolerate forced labor. We’re demanding that Walmart: 1. Cancel its contract with C.J.’s Seafood to show that it won't profit from forced labor in Louisiana. 2. Sit down with us, the striking workers, immediately as a first step toward a real investigation -- rather than a cover-up. 3. Sign the NGA's Guestworker Dignity Standards to prevent forced labor and guarantee civil and labor rights for guestworkers across the Walmart supply chain.  Please sign and stand with us!

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