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Petitioning John Cooper, Metro Nashville Council

Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Nashville

Horse drawn carriages used to be one of the few forms of transportation. Now, they’re a nostalgic commodity, a novelty often placed in high-traffic tourist spots—such as the ones we all see in our own downtown Nashville. You’ve seen them, the horses with hanging heads and foaming mouths; maybe you’ve even wondered when the last time was they drank water during a sweltering summer day. That may have been your concern, but it wasn't the concern of those filling their pockets from exploiting these sensitive animals. The horses pulling these money-making carriages are exposed to a variety of harmful conditions. Think about all the traffic we see downtown, all the exhaust spewing from these cars and into the horse’s air. Many carriage horses develop respiratory ailments from persistent exposure to manmade pollutants, such as the car exhaust. These horses are made to walk for hours and hours on hard pavement; this often leads to leg and hooves problems. And that horse who you thought might be thirsty? He/she may have died from heatstroke or dehydration—there are many documented cases of horses falling dead from weather conditions or a lack of attending to their most basic needs. It isn’t just the horses who suffer either. The safety of both Nashville residents and tourists is at risk every time a horse is used in this exploitative manner. Several people have seen the carriages blatantly run through red lights, often narrowly avoiding an accident. An accident involving a horse-drawn carriage and any type of vehicle—be it your own car, a sightseeing bus, or any other form of public transit—would be both devastating in terms of loss and damage, but would also be a gruesome tragedy drawing all the wrong attention to our city known for music and honky tonks. Don’t let it be recognized for animal abuse. Let’s face it, Nashville. This is cruelty, not entertainment. Our city has multiple transportation methods that are fun for everyone—and still feed our city’s commerce and growth. Tell our city officials you want this abuse to end now.  

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Petitioning Gary Binkley, Betty Ramsey, Ann Jarreau, Tim Williamson, Dr. Connie Mayo, Dale McCarver, Donnie Jordan, Walter Weakley, Diana Pike-Lovell, Eugene Evans, Shanon Pickard, Jimmy Hedgepath

Urge Cheatham County to Pass Restrictive Provisions for Nashville Safari Park!

Nashville Safari Park is a roadside zoo being proposed in Cheatham County, Tennessee under the guise of a jovial attraction. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All zoos are inherently cruel in their promotion of captivity and breeding, but roadside zoos take it even further. Many attractions like the proposed Safari Park offer patrons dangerous interaction with wildlife at a range of prices. Nashville Safari Park’s branding has already implied that there will be several wild cats, such as tigers. Visitors may have the opportunity to pay for photos with these babies that have been ripped from their mothers and live their lives in cages. All for a fee named by the roadside zoo. That isn't where the atrocities end. The owners of this park have 18 pages of USDA violations in the last eight years at their other location: Roadside zoos, such as Nashville Safari Park, encourage rampant breeding of their animal commodities. This often has dangerous implications that stretch beyond the park. Animals escape or are released which leads to a multitude of consequences. Treating these animals as products means once they are beyond usefulness they are discarded, sometimes to other roadside zoos, canned hunting ranches where animals are killed for a fee, or often to unqualified and uncertified individuals with backyard menageries. Did you know an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 big cats live in heinous conditions such as these? The ideal goal would be to prohibit this exploitative business, but as that is proving quite challenging, we can take other steps—such as passing this proposed ordinance: Licensing may not end all cruel treatment, but it’s a step taken that will hopefully protect both wildlife and human citizens from harm. The regulations outlined in the proposed ordinance are the bare minimum these animals deserve. Some of the key points of the ordinance are: •    Provide sufficient evidence to Cheatham County Department of Animal Control of financial solvency and written contingency plan in the event that significant decreases in operating income should occur and for the safe relocation of the animals in the event of closure. •    Any breeding of animals is prohibited. •    Members of public will not be allowed to feed or otherwise come into contact with any animals at Nashville Safari Park. •    Proof of liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1 million. •    Must provide proof of licensed Veterinarian of Record. •    Written contingency plan to provide for the humane handling, recapture, treatment, transportation, housing, care, or destruction of animals in the event of an emergency or disaster. Although we wish this exploitative park would not be built at all, passing this ordinance is the ideal first step in helping these animals and protecting our community. Please urge your local officials to take action by signing and sharing this petition, as well as calling and emailing them to voice your opposition of the Nashville Safari Park and your support for this ordinance. David McCullough - County Mayor Phone: 615-792-4316Email: Cheatham County Commissioners Gary Binkley - 1st District garybinkley@charter.netPhone: (615) 792-7082 Betty Ramsey - 1st Districtbettyramsey@bellsouth.netPhone: (615) 792-3768 Ann Jarreau - 2nd District pajearreau@att.netPhone: (615) 746-5356 Tim Williamson - 2nd District Timsvan@aol.comPhone: (615)708-7861 Dr. Connie Mayo - 3rd Phone: (615) 504-8347 Dale McCarver - 3rd District mccarver@me.comPhone: (615) 746-6938 Donnie Jordan - 4th District rader1950@att.netPhone: (615) 792-7170 Walter Weakley - 4th District w.weakley@yahoo.comPhone: (615) 307-3409 Diana Pike-Lovell - 5th Districtdianapike@bellsouth.netPhone: (615) 838-2217 Eugene Evans - 5th Phone: (615) 642-9656 Shanon Pickard - 6th Phone: (615) 636-4429 Jimmy Hedgepath - 6th DistrictPhone: (615) 952-9352      

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