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My Advocate Center's focus is on the needs of children. We serve parents & professionals working to resolve family conflict in the best manner, which does not always mean divorce or child custody disputes. If a family must enter the legal system, then parents should receive clear guidance and loyal support, but we now know this is not happening on far too many cases. Change is needed in the Family Law & Parenting Conflict arena, to ensure safety, to support mental and physical health and to maintain stability for children. ~~ When you support good parents by upholding laws, duty and properly using the facts and evidence of a case, you better serve the needs of children. ~~ This petition was created because parents' ability to nurture, protect and provide for their children is being grossly and largely undermined and destroyed by bad practices and unethical professionals. * Foul play or "Pay to Play" rules far too often in Family Law, especially where child custody experts, Guardian ad Litems, evaluators or "Co-Parenting Coordinators" and even therapists decide to put PROFIT OVER PROTECTION as they ignore evidence and cause avoidable damages. ** This is why you will see more news reports coming out revealing #GALmisconduct, so please watch for those on Facebook & on Twitter via @MyAdvocateCentr. Disruptive marketing is called for here to address the lack of integrity and loyalty found with certain legal and child custody professionals who are harming children and good parents. This CAN be changed if we work together, and keep up the momentum we have at the State and National level. Help interrupt these bad practices by supporting both reform and RECOVERY efforts. We welcome professionals who want to be a part of the solution, which we believe starts with identifying the cases we can turn around. For ideas, see our News section and Blog at Sign this petition to ensure that mis-managed child custody cases are formally reviewed, and support the effort to restore children to the parents they need.

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