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    We need your votes of support for the Mullion Creek Multi Sports Complex

    The Mullion Creek & District Progress Association have put forward the proposal of a project which has been considered by Cabonne Council to upgrade the current Tennis Courts which are in a poor state, to a Multi Sports Complex. Along with refurbishing the current facilities with new grounds, net, fence, lighting in addition it will add Basketball and Netball Lines on ground with Hoops. The Mullion Creek & District Progress Association are hoping to improve the cohesion of the Mullion Creek Community by providing safe & modern sporting facilities. With over 1000 residents in Mullion Creek and surrounding district and the Mullion Creek Public School's facilities are currently over capacity with no further room to grow there is nothing else available for this expanding community unless they travel to Orange NSW which is a 50km round trip. The upgrade will also broaden the range of demographic's that would access these facilities. We are excited that Cabonne Council have taken our application to the next stage and submitted it to NSW Government for review. For the next 28 days, we are now being reviewed to see if the community support is behind this project. WE WILL BE CLOSING THE VOTING ON SUNDAY 25th MARCH 2018 Follow us on facebook for updates of the application

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