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    Petitioning Metro Trains, Parliament of Victoria, Richard Wynne, Melissa Horne

    Metro Trains: Follow due process in relation to the protected heritage trees at Newmarket

    UPDATE: For everyone who received an email about tomorrow's Community Rally at 7am at Newmarket Station, Western Entrance ... that should of course have read WEDNESDAY FEB 5, at 7am (not Tuesday).So much going on right now that we've gotten a bit .... temporally challenged ...We do hope to see everyone there on WEDNESDAY morning. With D-day for the trees approaching this FRIDAY, there will never be a more important time to show your support - bring friends, bring family, and please share through your social networks. What's At Stake?The planned removal of 10 trees at Newmarket Station (1 Peppercorn , 6 Poplars, 1 Elm and 1 Pittosporum on east side and 1 River Red Gum on west side) requires a planning permit application to Moonee Valley City Council since all trees are covered under Heritage Overlay (HO380) and the River Red Gum by Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO2), unless a clear threat to safety has been demonstrated.Metro Trains has not even attempted to demonstrate this imperative to any other party, nor has it applied for the necessary planning permits. On that basis, we call on all responsible authorities to act URGENTLY to prevent the planned removal of these trees, currently anticipated to occur from Friday January 31. What is community asking for? For Metro and PTV to seek a planning permit from MVCC; For heritage trees to be protected; For any evidence of safety risk to be made publicly available; and For solutions to be found to undertake necessary works and preserve healthy heritage trees. What can you do to help? 1. Write to and ring: Danny Pearson, Local MP for Essendon,, 9370 7777Minister Melissa Horne, Minister for Public Transport,, 8392 8020Minister Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning,, 8683 0964  2. Contact Moonee Valley Councillors to ask them to support any legal action the Council can take (e.g. Injunction) 3. Sign a petition available at Newmarket Station.  4. Attend on site: 3pm Mon 27 Jan – Banner making6pm Weds 29 Jan – Community updateFrom 3pm Fri 31 Jan – Meet on site to #SaveRed as necessary 5. Share this information with neighbours and on social media Contact: Rose Iser 0414959427 roseiser@gmail.comLogan Shield 0402689598 ljshield@bigpond.comFlemington Association Moonee Valley Heritage Action 0425 320 533

    Moonee Valley Heritage Action
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    Petitioning Moonee Valley City Council, Planning Minister Richard Wynne

    Moonee Valley Council, please save this historic 1880s property from demolition

    This large, visually impressive Victorian-era weatherboard home at 81 Charles Street, Ascot Vale dating to around 1890 faces demolition after Moonee Valley Council removed heritage protection from the property in 2010. This is exactly the type of highly valuable heritage property that the community expects our Councils to protect. The building is a sizeable triple fronted weatherboard with an impressive wraparound front verandah featuring original Victorian lattice and large front bay window, and it is remarkably well preserved for a building of this period. It’s on a large block that also boasts significant vegetation, and it contributes enormously to the overall heritage value of the streetscape. The properties in Charles Street have not then been properly assessed by Council for significance in their own right after being removed from the precinct overlay. The building at number 65 Charles Street, that is younger, smaller, and clearly less significant than the property now facing demolition is currently awaiting approval by the Planning Minister for a heritage overlay. All we ask for is some consistency and certainty in the way heritage rules are actually being applied in Moonee Valley. If 65 Charles Street deserves protection, then so does number 81. We call on Moonee Valley Council to take the urgent action necessary to protect this property, or face the community’s outrage at the next round of Council elections.

    Moonee Valley Heritage Action
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