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We advocate for land use and transportation policies that enhance agriculture, land preservation and water quality. Educate about the environmental, economic and recreational benefits of local farmland. Support local farms to strengthen our rural economy. Celebrate the beauty and abundance of the Ag Reserve. Conserve the economic value and rural landscape of the Ag Reserve for current and future generations of the region.

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Petitioning Montgomery County

County Councilmembers: Protect Ten Mile Creek and Provide for the Needs of Clarksburg Residents!

Ten Mile Creek in Clarksburg, MD is Montgomery County's last, best stream and part of the drinking water supply for 3 million people in the Washington, D.C. region.Clarksburg Town Center has grown tenfold in the past ten years, but infrastructure including safe, walkable shopping, a public library and transit, is lacking.Montgomery must keep its promises to meet the needs of Clarksburg residents and put in place science-based protections for fragile, sensitive Ten Mile Creek. The alternative would be to allow further sprawl to degrade Ten Mile Creek and to pull infrastructure investments away from where they are needed - in the Town Center.The way to avoid these tragic mistakes is via sound land use planning through an amendment to the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan. Learn more here.  (Petition created by Montgomery Countryside Alliance)  

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Petitioning Isiah Leggett

Turn a 30-year-old Organic Farm in Maryland into a Food Education Hub, Not Soccer Fields

Update: 12/15/11: Progress! The Montgomery Board of Education granted Nick's Organic Farm a lease extension, allowing the farm to stay where it is until August of 2012. Initially, the BOE said that Nick Maravell must vacate the farmland by January 1, 2012. Nick Maravell and his supporters will keep pushing until Nick's Organic Farm is allowed to stay indefinitely.  Update 11/1/11: Partial Victory! A Food Policy Council to advocate for a just and healthy food system in Montgomery County is moving forward. The advisory board has been established, and the council has secured $38,000 in funding. BUT: We are still fighting to Save Nick’s Organic Farm so it can continue to produce GMO-free seed, be a model for urban agriculture, and host a hub for agricultural education. We are continuing to build individual and organizational support to save this educational gem, but we only have two months to protect this farm! Thanks for your support! Nick's Organic Farm has leased County land held for an eventual middle school in Montgomery County Maryland for the past 30 years. Farmers from all over the region rely on Nick's certified organic feed and seed for their organic operations. On March 7, 2011, Nick and the community at large were given 2-weeks notice that the land would become Soccer Fields. There have still been no public hearings on this decision. Many environmental, agriculture and local food organizations have banded together to ask Montgomery County's Executive, Ike Leggett, to form a Food Policy Council that will use Nick's Organic Farm as an anchor for agricultural and food education. A Food Policy Council would fit perfectly with the County's current efforts to strengthen the local food system; including the Food Innovation Hub, and of course the nationally renowned Agricultural Reserve. We have to act quickly, the County is moving ahead on soccer field construction on this site. Please join the organizations calling for a Food Education center at Brickyard Farm by signing the petition to Executive Leggett. The public should have a voice in the future of the Brickyard property...and the health of their local food system. For more info as this issue evolves- visit the Brickyard Blog

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