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Montavilla Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering relationships, community building, and safety initiatives in Montavilla that enhance the quality of life of residents in the neighborhood and beyond.

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Petitioning Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board, Amanda Rhoads, David Linn, Brad Donahue, John Rotter, Olivia Alsept-Ellis, Antigonus Jarrett, Marc Jolin, Ted Wheeler

We Oppose Sanctioned Camping in Montavilla Neighborhood

We are a group of concerned neighbors, business owners, and members of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) who are writing to oppose a City of Portland Sanctioned Homeless Camping Zone in the Montavilla neighborhood, which was discussed at the June 2018 Board Meeting (Video Link) of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board of Directors.The proposed plan discussed at the MNA meeting did not incorporate neighborhood dialogue and discussion, provide sufficient notice, nor allow for outreach of the topic’s discussion to the neighborhood.  We must insist that plans like this be discussed with neighbors because implementing them can potentially cause considerable negative effect to our neighborhood’s livability. Furthermore, this method of board decision-making is not the transparent and inclusive process that neighborhood associations are supposed to operate under. We are all concerned when people in our neighborhood are without shelter; however, we believe that everyone in our community must be considered, including our children, our financially vulnerable families, and our property and business owners. Montavilla is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city and decisions should not be casually implemented without having considerable neighborhood deliberation.  We welcome a dialogue with the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board in which the entire neighborhood is notified and those who wish to have a voice in the matter can be properly represented and heard on this issue.MNA is having a homeless forum on June 30th where more details around their vision for a sanctioned camp will supposed be shared. RSVP for the Forum here: may vote on a resolution endorsing the vision at their July 9th Board and General meetings: can email the entire board input at:

Montavilla Initiative
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Petitioning Mike Abbaté, Bryan Parman, Dave Golliday, Ted Wheeler, Randy Teig, Amanda Fritz, Mike Boyer, Karen Birt, Danielle Outlaw, Bob Day

End Public Safety and Public Health Issues at Montavilla Park

Dear Mayor Wheeler, Commissioner Fritz, Director Abbaté, East Precinct Commander Bryan Parman, East Precinct Captain Golliday, Chief Outlaw, Deputy Chief Day, Park Ranger Supervisor Mike Boyer and Community Center Manager Karen Birt We are petitioning you to take action at Montavilla Park to address the epidemic of service-resistant addicts making our park unsafe and unclean.For the last several years, we have seen drug use, drug sales, camping, bike chop shops, and other egregious activity become more and more common at Montavilla Park. Today, these activities are a daily occurrence. Our park, as of the writing of this petition, has garbage cans that have been overflowing for days. There is a trucks worth of trash and stolen goods spread across the park. Jugs of human waste across the park (despite a working Porta Potty being available), growing vandalism to park benches, open fires (including burning branches from trees) and lighting tables on fire is commonplace. Last night, neighborhood volunteers removed more than a dozen needles from around a single individual who was under the influence of drugs and had trash and needles surrounding them and a crack pipe. We’ve found used condoms along the baseball diamond. Our neighborhood volunteers see people shooting up in the futsal court nearly nightly. Our calls to Park Rangers have mixed results. We’ve seen at least one tent with ropes tied to trees that has not moved in days despite a ban on camping in parks and calls to Rangers. We’ve experienced campers and service-resistant addicts being hostile to neighbors who enter the park including this week threatening to shoot a neighbor. All of these issues should not be occurring in the park as all violate the park code and some are outright criminal acts. The fact that people are chopping up stolen bikes that are stolen from around the neighborhood and doing so nightly in the parking lot or other areas of the park is an insult to neighbors who have been suffering from property crimes for years now. We pay taxes that fund these parks and our own stolen property is being broken down to be sold for drugs which are then used in our park. Portland Police Officers who come out share our concern and they do what they can but repeatedly have blamed Park Leadership, Police Leadership, and City Council for asking them to take a hands off approach to criminal activity being committed in parks. This is entirely unacceptable as it has created a status quo that makes our park unsafe and deters individuals and families from using the park. We’ve talked to many neighbors who no longer use Montavilla Park because of how bad it’s become. So we ask that an action plan be developed to make it uncomfortable for these behaviors to continue in our neighborhood park by more proactive patrols by Rangers and Police and utilizing park exclusions or arrest for egregious and unlawful behavior. We ask that an action plan be created to address the lack of cleaning up trash and needles being left. We’ve, as previously mentioned, see trash that’s sat in the park for days and weeks without being addressed.We are tired of our neighborhood park, which we pay for, becoming a zone where crime, drug use, and other unacceptable behavior is tolerated. We are ready for some solutions to mitigate these issues. In closing here are some photos (Click Here) from May 1st and May 2nd, 2018 of what the park looks like. We will be in touch separately via email and look forward to hearing about the leadership and action you can bring to addressing these issues.  Respectfully, Montavilla Resident Petitioners and Montavilla Initiative About Montavilla Initiative Montavilla Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering relationships, community building, and safety initiatives in Montavilla that enhance the quality of life of residents in the neighborhood and beyond.

Montavilla Initiative
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