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Petitioning U.S. Senate

Tell your Elected Officials: Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous EPA Nominee

The nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency is an unprecedented threat to our children's health. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this is a travesty. This nomination endangers our children. Pruitt’s past includes suing the very agency he is now being asked to lead, attacking vital health protections against soot and smog pollution, accepting money from corporate polluters, and lying about the science of climate change. A Pruitt-led EPA will mean more pollution, dirtier air, more lies about the well-established science of climate change, and a general disregard for the health of our children. Pruitt’s nomination will be considered and voted on by the Senate. Tell your Senators to focus laser sharp scrutiny on this nominee. Senators must ask tough questions and demand real answers from Pruitt about his disregard for public health protections, his cozy financial relationship with polluters, and his climate lies. Demand clean air for your family. 

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Petitioning U.S. Senate

Stand up to Trump’s climate lies

Donald Trump is yet to take office, but one thing appears clear: he will appoint leaders who reject climate change, science, and the duty of protecting American families. Trump has named Myron Ebell—a known climate liar and PR man for big oil—as the lead on his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. By appointing a man who denies climate change to lead an agency whose mission is to protect the environment, Trump is signaling he will carry through with his calls to dismantle the EPA and halt climate action, all in the name of “business.” Trump, then, has decided to place business above the health and future of American families and children. In the coming days, Donald Trump will appoint a new Administrator of the EPA. Myron Ebell, and other climate liars, lead Trump’s short-list to take on the role. It will be up to Congress to decide if this person is fit to lead the EPA. And it is now up to you to make sure that Congress knows you will not stand for an individual who will attack our clean air, our clean water, and our world’s future. By signing this petition, you are joining thousands of mothers, fathers, and grandparents who refuse to accept leaders who lie about the reality of climate change and jeopardize the well-being of our families. Tell your senator that you demand leaders who will move our world forward, not backward.

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Petitioning News Networks

Tell the Media: You Can Try, but We Won’t Ignore Climate Change

Climate change will affect virtually all parts of our lives: our security, our economy, and our health. Yet the media—when given the opportunity during the presidential debates—turned a blind eye. Not once did the words “climate change” cross a moderator’s lips. Climate change must be confronted right now if we are to protect our families and future generations from its effects. By ignoring it, the media did the American people a disservice. We deserve to hear how candidates will address climate change so that we can vote knowing who will lead the world toward clean air and a sustainable future. You can help change the media's narrative: Take action today, and tell the major news networks and papers to cover the candidates' stands on climate change!

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Petitioning Debate moderators

Demand that the debate moderators ask the presidential candidates about climate change!

In the first presidential debate, climate change was only briefly mentioned by both candidates, yet marked one of the most talked-about and fascinating moments of the debate. With climate change touching everything our country - from the economy to national security to racial justice - the American people deserve to hear from the candidates regarding their position on global warming and clean energy. As Moms, we don’t deny issues. We confront them head on. That’s why we must hear from the candidates what they will- or won’t- do about climate change. By signing the petition below, you are letting our presidential debate moderators, who decide PERSONALLY what questions to ask, know that climate change MUST be addressed—so that the entire country can hear directly from the candidates. Take Action Now to let our moderators know they must ask our nominees how they plan to confront climate change.

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Petitioning FDA

Tell the Food and Drug Administration that toxic phthalates don’t belong in our food!

Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are a class of hormone-disrupting chemicals that have been linked to birth defects, asthma, learning disabilities, and allergies. Clearly, they don’t belong in food. And yet, the US Food and Drug Administration explicitly allows 30 different phthalates to be in our food. The FDA actually calls them “food additives.” Food is the number one source of childhood exposure to phthalates. That’s because phthalates are added to many of the materials that come into contact with our food, from the plastic gloves that food workers wear, to plastic equipment used in the processing of food, to the packaging our food is sold in. Phthalates easily leach from these materials into our food, and from there, they get into our bodies.  Despite the evidence showing harmful health effects, the FDA allows 30 different toxic phthalates to be used in food handling equipment and packaging. Recently, several organizations submitted a petition to the FDA asking it to stop allowing these phthalates to be used as food additives. If successful, the petition could lead to a new rule making it illegal to sell phthalate-contaminated food, which would be a big victory for our children’s health. Please submit a comment to FDA urging the agency to withdraw its approval of 30 different phthalates as food additives.

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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Our children’s generation deserve pollution-free national parks

The Grand Canyon: it is one of America’s greatest treasures. Countless families make the trek every year to marvel at the beauty of nature, its power, and its magnitude. Now, big businesses and anti-environmentalists are looking to intrude upon and pollute the Grand Canyon all in the name of profit. The debate? Whether or not uranium mines—known to emit toxic chemicals in the air and threaten local water supplies—should be allowed in this national jewel. While these lands have been protected for more than a century, and public opinion strongly favors keeping these lands untouched, corporations in search of uranium mines are placing business over the safety and health of people and the land. But we can fight back. Congress has the power to protect America’s most prized lands. Tell them not back down to greed!

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Petitioning Gina McCarthy

Administrator McCarthy: Act swiftly to protect our children from methane pollution.

Did you know that fracking pollution has been directly linked to higher rates of birth defects, heart and lung complications, asthma, and central nervous system trouble in children across America? The easy fix: Regulating methane, which along with toxic gases, spews into our air during fracking operations. While the EPA has proposed limits regulating oil & gas facilities to be built in the future, nothing is being done about the bulk of the problem: facilities in operation today. Instead, we allow the fracking industry to pollute our air and harm our children from before birth, and into their most important developmental years. But you can do something about it. Take action: Demand the Obama Administration and the EPA propose strong regulations on existing sources of methane in the name of clean air and children’s health.

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