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Keep Toxic Fracking Pollution Out of Your Children’s Lungs

Every day, the oil and gas industry leaks methane and other toxic pollutants into our air. These are chemicals that put our families’ health at risk—chemicals known to cause birth defects, cancers, asthma, congenital heart defects, preterm births, and central nervous system damage. This is not the air our children should be breathing. One particular leak in Southern California was massive enough to get media attention, after 2,000 families were forced to relocate, schools closed, and residents experienced persistent nausea and headaches. But this is just one leak, in one place. Others happen across the country every day, undetected. We deserve to know our families are protected from this silent danger. Protect the health of our children and our planet. Tell the EPA you expect them to propose strong limits on America’s existing oil & gas operations.

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Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

MOMS STAND UP! Protect your families from dangerous, untested chemicals in your homes.

Think that if you can buy something in a store, then it must be safe? Wrong. There are 80,000 chemicals approved for use in commerce, but the vast majority has never been tested for long-term health effects. That means you and your family use products every day without knowing whether they contain carcinogens, reproductive hazards, asthma triggers, and other chemical hazards. Congress has recently passed a new bill that would require testing on all new and existing chemicals, but the final parameters of the bill are still undetermined. We now need to make sure that the bill is as strong as possible in order to ensure proper protection for our families and communities. By signing this petition, you are letting Congress know that we are watching their actions on chemical reform and expect them to consider the health and safety of Americans first and foremost. If adequately strong, the bill will: - require review of all new and existing chemicals - require testing and limit companies’ ability to hide information about chemicals as “trade secrets” - explicitly require protection of vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant women We cannot allow American families to continue to be exposed to unsafe and untested chemicals. Will you please sign to make sure that we are all protected?

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Petitioning Environmental Protection Agency

Demand clean air for our children and families!

The EPA has proposed the first-ever national limits on fracking pollution. But this is only a first step. There’s still more work to do. Fracking releases benzene, smog, and other harmful pollutants into the air. People — including pregnant women and unborn children — are suffering under the burden of increased air pollution as a consequence of natural gas development. The same leaks and flares that spew harmful pollutants into the local air also release the potent greenhouse gas methane. Tell the EPA that you support strong methane pollution limits. And that this rule is just the beginning. More needs to be done to ensure we are protected from not only new sources of fracking pollution, but existing sources as well. Our communities deserve clean, healthy air — and a healthy planet for our children's future.

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