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M-DAT is about people experiencing lifetime missions involvement. People don''t become involved in missions overnight; instead, after planting a seed of interest, God leads a person through a series of steps. With this in mind, we seek to come into contact with people who have some form of interest in missions and then provide them with guidance materials and tools that address where they are at and help them move forward along the path to lasting involvement in God''s global purpose.

Three key phrases sum up how we go about offering this practical assistance:

Internet Technology
We see the internet as the ideal tool for both reaching a large audience and engaging people where they expect to find information. So, our services are primarily offered via the web.

We see collaboration as the key to success. So, we work with a variety of ministries and freely refer people onto other important resources. We also don''t desire to recreate resources or content. Instead we seek to re-package offline materials and link to existing online content.

Areas of Greatest Need
While we help people move toward all different types of missions involvement, we particularly challenge people to consider investing their life where the need is the greatest.

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