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The Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association (MRA) is a collective of over 400 volunteers and concerned residents from both Midhurst and Springwater Township. Established to protect the integrity of Midhurst and surrounding communities, it represents the best interest of residents and responsible growth. The MRA has a positive vision of growth and development for the area and hopes to encourage Springwater Township to develop a more fiscally responsible and ecologically sound plan for growth that simultaneously protects precious farmland and preserves local water sources. You can find out more about the MRA and the Midhurst Secondary Plan on their website www.friendsofmidhurst.ca or through their Facebook page “Save Midhurst Village”.

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Petitioning Premier Kathleen Wynne

Save our farms and rare wetland from mega-development

The Midhurst Secondary Plan proposes to turn a small, rural community of 3,500 people into a small city of almost 30,000! At stake are the local farms on prime agricultural land that will be sacrificed for development land (up to almost 1,900 acres). Moreover, the health of a small local creek and the nearby, internationally significant Minesing Wetlands are threatened by 10.6 million litres of effluent that will be pumped in daily from the proposed sewage treatment facility. These wetlands contain fragile ecosystems and in some parts, rare or sensitive species of flora and fauna.  Based on what we stand to lose or destroy, failure to stop this massive over-development is NOT an option.    In addition, the people of Midhurst have overwhelmingly shown their disapproval of such a massive development through several actions including a petition and high attendance during a recent township meeting. Still, this rural community, its farms and water are under threat. Also, the municipality has provided little factual evidence that this development will bring any benefit to the citizens (e.g. local jobs, lower taxes).   This fight is about ensuring that people of a community have a right to be heard by their government, that they have a right to choose to preserve their natural resources and farms and that even when faced against formidable opposition, small voices can be turned into thunderous roars.

Midhurst Ratepayers' Association
46,071 supporters