Mid-Missouri Peaceworks

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Peaceworks is an egalitarian, non-profit, grassroots organization. Membership is open to all. Peaceworks holds a vision of an ecologically sound, sustainable world and a violence-free community in which human equality and justice flourish. We aspire to create a participatory, cooperative social order in which all individuals can fully actualize their potential free of coercion or violence. Peaceworks is sensitive to the interconnectedness of all on this planet, and conscious of the multiple threats to survival. A primary mission of our organization is opposing and defusing these threats. Through public education, advocacy and fellowship, Peaceworks strives to serve as a vehicle for citizen empowerment. A primary premise upon which we pursue our mission is that citizens can, and should, be involved in policy decision making at all levels. We aim to achieve both a greater degree of democracy, and outcomes which move us incrementally toward our vision.

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